Ultimate Guide on How to Protect Your Real Estate Property in Louisville

Crimes, particularly burglaries, can strike when you least expect it. Although living in Louisville is generally considered safe, it still isn’t enough reason for you to get too relaxed with your security. Real estate properties, particularly those left vacant for a certain period of time, are easy targets for burglars and criminals.

Photo of a home with amazing landscape lighting
Landscape lighting, not only makes your home more attractive, it also makes your real estate property in Louisville far safer.

If you want to protect your investments and make sure they don’t lose their value, you can follow this ultimate guide. This list can help make sure you get peace of mind by increasing your home security.

Change Your Locks

Upon purchasing your property, make sure to have the locks changed right away. This is to decrease the chances of having burglars pick at your door and strangers trespassing inside your property. When choosing your door lock, try to stay away from the traditional ones and opt to use smart locks instead. They are more secure and convenient to use, particularly if you are always away but still want to be in control of your doors.

Enhance Your First Line of Defense

Because burglars can hide behind tall bushes, always make it a point to have them trimmed. You can also modify your yard’s landscape to get a better viewing angle of your home’s entry points. In case a burglar decides to take a peek through your window, your neighbors will easily notice him. On the other hand, if you have trees in your yard, make sure that no branch is able to extend to the windows of your second floor. Other than bushes and trees, you should also remove all possible objects burglars can use to climb up. Security yard signs are also effective as burglar deterrents. You can set them up on areas where they can easily be seen, such as your fence facing the road.

Secure Your Entry Ways

Most burglars would prefer your front door when entering your home. However, this isn’t always the case. They can also go through one of your windows or your garage door. They can even consider the back door if they find it more convenient.

In securing your property, make sure that there are no broken windows as well as door hinges. If you find anything broken, change it right away with something more secure. Glass windows, for example, can be replaced with a transparent carbonate material. It has the same appearance as a glass window but it’s relatively unbreakable. If this seems too expensive, you can simply secure your windows with window bars and extra window locks.

Automate Your Lights

A single light that’s constantly turned on or a home with no lights even at night would make a burglar suspicious. If you are not always at home, it can make your property more secure if you can invest in smart lights. They are relatively convenient to have since they can be managed with your smartphone. You’ll be able to control your lights, set when and how they should turn on, and even link them with other smart devices you have at home.

However, to make the best out of these lights, they must be strategically installed in your home. The first places you need to consider having lights are your front and back doors. There should also be enough lighting in your yard to ensure no one is hiding in the dark. You can also invest on lights that can mimic your usual lighting patterns. These lights are considered good burglar deterrents because they create an impression that someone is at home.

Set Up a Good Home Security System

A good alarm system must be able to alert you and the proper authorities immediately in case something suspicious happens at home. It should also provide you with a backup power source in cases of power interruptions as well as a secondary means of sending your emergency signals in case there’s trouble with the internet or your landline.

There are also some systems that come inclusive with surveillance cameras for homes so you can see right away if someone is sneaking through your door. Security cameras are best used on real estate properties because they can allow you to keep an eye on your investments even if you are on the other side of the world.

Protecting your real estate property can give you several benefits. For one, it can give you big discounts in terms of your insurance. Aside from that, following this guide can also help you greatly increase the value of your property. Most clients choose homes that they know will keep them and their families safe at all times. If they know that the property is already armed with a good security system, they will surely not hesitate about purchasing it.

After all, everyone wants to have a safe home, right?