What You Need To Know About Roofing Companies In Kentucky

If you are looking to have a roof repaired or you are building a new home and you know that someone is going to have to come and put a roof on the place, learn all that you can about the roofing companies in your area. The more knowledge that you have about each of the roofing companies in Kentucky, the better that you will be able to figure out which one will get your job done right. You’ll notice some major differences as you look into the different companies.

Photo of a cute house with potential roof problems

Know that Not All Roofing Companies in Kentucky Charge the Same Price

When keeping a budget, you must be careful to watch your money. One project that you simply cannot put off any longer, it’s your roof. It’s that important.

If you have a leak it’s got to be fixed. For people in this part of the state that means finding a northern Kentucky roofing company to come and check it out. Understand that the prices charged by different roofing companies can be very different. Some companies are far more affordable than others. If sticking to your budget is important, you may need to choose one at this end of the price spectrum.

Know that Some Roofing Companies Will Offer You an Estimate and Stick to It

Photo of two roofing contractors
Every city has a large number of roofing contractors. How do you find the best one for your job?

Just as some companies are going to charge more for their services than others, know that some will give you an estimate of what you will spend on roofing work and others will not. Know that the estimate that you receive from some companies will actually be what you pay.

But some estimates aren’t that solid. It’s critical to ask them once they give you the estimate, “Will you stick to this?”

Know that Some Roofing Companies in Kentucky Will Help You Choose Roofing Materials

Most roofing companies in Kentucky will be using asphalt shingles. They are far and away the most popular.

But maybe you want to pick something else? Understand that some companies are going to push you to buy certain materials. Others will work with you to figure out which materials are right for your home.

Choose the company that will sit down with you and explain the difference between the different types of roofing materials. Then you’ll be well-informed about choosing the right color, style, and brand of roofing product.

Know that Some Roofing Companies Will Clean Up After They Work

If having a clean yard is important to you, why wouldn’t it be, you need to know that some roofing companies won’t care like you do. Some companies will send a team to move over the yard after they are finished working to make sure that they have cleaned up everything. This means nails or other debris.

Know That Not All Roofing Companies in Kentucky Do a Good Job

You expect the company that shows up at your home to do a good job on your roof. But not all companies are run by people with experience working on roofs. Some fly-by-night companies chase storms and offer very low estimates because their work is sloppy. These companies are just there for a quick buck.

Ask the companies you are interviewing about what training their employees receive. The next topic is extremely important as well.

Know that Some Roofing Companies are Insured and Offer Guarantees

This is a big one! If you or your insurance company are paying big dollars to replace the whole roof, the warranty they give is key. The materials can be warrantied from 10 to 50 or even lifetime depending on the product. However, the contractor’s labor often only has a warranty for a year or two.

Ask each company about their insurance if something were to go wrong while they were working. If the company has it, they’ll likely promote that fact to you.

Understand that Some Roofing Companies Have a Busy Schedule and Others Do Not

Here’s a tricky one. What if the company you’re contacting says they’re very busy but could help you in a month or so? That might seem like a bad choice for you but that company is busy for a reason. They could offer great service at a wonderful price.

Some of the busiest companies out there are offering the best deals. There will always be a range of times between when different companies can be on-site to perform the work.

Know that Choosing the Right Roofing Company Is Very Important

There are many roofing companies in Kentucky. Some are basically a scam. Most hover around being “average.” And then there are those great roofing companies.

You need to understand that there are many differences and similarities when you are comparing them. Choosing a roofing company is an important job and one that you should do only after researching all your options.