Where do you look to find Louisville homes for sale?

So, let’s come right out and ask. Where do you look to find Louisville homes for sale? Which website works best for you?

Screenshot of a web search for Louisville homes for sale
What search results do you get when you type “Louisville homes for sale” on your computer?

It’s a constantly changing playing field. Merely improving a website’s usability isn’t going to cut it. Adding choice content? Sure, that helps.

But when it comes to getting the lion’s share of Louisville home buyers looking for their next new home, which website comes out on top?

So, for this informal, yet perfectly reasonable experiment, I’ve chosen to use the Alexa engine to see which Louisville real estate companies are garnering the most traffic.

(We are unable to learn how many website users move forward to actually work with those agents, but we shall have a bit of fun with it.)

Leading Louisville Real Estate Websites

The clear leaders for search terms in our field are “[location] real estate” and “[location] homes for sale“. We’ll tackle both.

With the changes to Google’s algorithm now using personalized results, I can only cite what my IP-linked computer will return. So let us begin.

Louisville Real Estate

As of 10/5/2012, here are the top websites on Google and their Alexa traffic for the search term, “Louisville real estate”. (Only the root domains are ranked. Subdomains are counted as part of the whole.)

  1. www.homesinlouisville.com – Global Rank 3,452,726
  2. www.joehaydenrealtor.com – Global Rank 331,473
  3. www.trepryor.com – Global Rank 1,809,971
  4. www.louisvillerealtors.com – Global Rank 1,395,552
  5. www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Louisville_KY – Global Rank 915
  6. www.trulia.com/KY/Louisville/ – Global Rank 691
  7. plus.google.com/…/posts/BCbhgNw7rCM (Tre Pryor)- Global Rank 2
  8. www.semonin.com – Global Rank 328,789
  9. www.allhomesinlouisville.com – Global Rank 2,704,350

Clearly, the personalized results have played a role in landing TrePryor.com in two of the Top 10 results. If we strictly looked at traffic, Semonin.com should be barely edging out Joe Hayden for the top spot with the others falling in line.

Now let’s look at Louisville homes for sale as a keyword search phrase.

Louisville Homes for Sale

Again, we’re just using Google, and even though I think it would be a usability advantage to be able to turn OFF personalized results, the brain trust in Mountain View doesn’t think it worthwhile.

  1. www.trulia.com/KY/Louisville/ – Global Rank 691
  2. www.joehaydenrealtor.com – Global Rank 331,473
  3. www.trepryor.com – Global Rank 1,809,971
  4. www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Louisville_KY – Global Rank 915
  5. www.realtor.com/homes-for-sale/louisville_ky/ – Global Rank 915
  6. www.trepryor.com/louisville/norton_commons/ – Global Rank 1,809,971
  7. www.zillow.com/louisville-ky/ – Global Rank 505
  8. ballhomes.com/ – Global Rank 4,112,051
  9. www.homes.com/Real_Estate/KY/City/LOUISVILLE/ – Global Rank 2,491
  10. plus.google.com/…/posts/fkMAftjiFDj (Tre Pryor) – Global Rank 2

These results aren’t too different. We’ve added Zillow and Ball Homes and lost GLAR and Brad Long.

Traffic is one thing. Time on site is another. But what really matters is for those home buyers who haven’t chosen a Realtor to work with, which website are they using to search for Louisville homes for sale and, perhaps more importantly, why?

I would love to hear what’s important to you!