Winterize Your Louisville Home

I’m certainly no home improvement specialist myself, but I understand the value to prospective buyers of having a property in tip-top shape. After you read this article, you’ll see benefits when you winterize your Louisville home.

Photo of a ski lodge
No, this home isn’t in Louisville, Kentucky but it sure is gorgeous.

Heading into winter (heck… it’s been frosty here in Louisville for a month now!) here is some great advice that will help you winterize your home, save money, and keep your #1 investment in the best possible shape.

Furnace Maintenance

Most of the time, homeowners should hire experts to perform maintenance updates or modify their HVAC systems. But there are some tasks that any property owner can do. I’ll leave it to you to decide which of these you feel confident tackling.

1. Clean/Repair Air Ducts

It’s not a difficult concept, but cleaning out the air ducts requires the correct equipment. If you have access to a high-powered vacuum, maybe you’re up for the job. Along the way, if you notice any gaps or openings in the ducts, use the appropriate sealant on the gap and then wrap it from the outside.

2. Clean Furnace

This one can be a bit trickier. Make sure to refer to your owner’s manual on the proper ways to perform maintenance on your system. It will usually involve cleaning dust out of several locations, cleaning/replacing any internal filters, and lubricating specific moving parts.

3. Replace Main Air Filters

This should be a task you conduct on a regular basis but even still it’s very important. Replacing the air filter in your system regularly will not only improve your home’s air quality but will also extend the life of the overall HVAC system.

Winterize the Rest of Your Home

The following items all deserve some attention heading into winter and cold weather.

Exterior Doors and Windows

Check the caulking around all exterior doors and windows to make sure there is no way for your (expensive) hot air to escape to the outside. Depending on what kind of windows you currently have, it may also be a good idea to install storm windows to increase the amount of insulation in these areas.

Hot Water Heater

Make sure your hot water heater is properly insulated. Home improvement stores will have various options for you if yours isn’t currently wrapped. Heating water is one of the most energy-intensive tasks your home undertakes.

Various Items

If you have exposed pipes in the basement, you might want to insulate them before they become sealed off due to any projects that might hide them, i.e. finishing the basement. Fireplaces are also prime culprits for letting heated air escape your home. Whether your fireplace uses natural gas or is wood burning will determine how you insulate any air gaps you find.

These are just a few of the ways you can help winterize your Louisville home this year. I sincerely hope you have a great Holiday Season this year!