Worried About Fireplace Residue? Check Out the Cleaner Ethanol Based Alternative

A fireplace can be a magical place where some of the best memories are shared with friends and family. However, that’s only the case when a fresh fire is lit. When the fire finally dies out, you have to deal with huge amounts of residue from the flame’s wake.

Photo of a fire in a fireplace
Concerned about the mess that comes with traditional wood fireplaces? Maybe you should consider an ethanol-based fireplace.

For example, a fireplace can leave behind a considerable amount of soot but also ashes from burnt wood. Not to mention that fire produces smoke. Depending on what you’ve used to fuel it, it will produce more or less smoke but it will produce it nevertheless.

This means that you either learn to live with these inconveniences or give up having a fireplace entirely, right? Wrong, as there is a third and more practical option available to you. Those that want a live fireplace experience without having to deal with the mess can opt for an ethanol fireplace. There are even more benefits to thinking of ideas for bio ethanol fireplaces and we will go over them in a second.

No more waiting for people you don’t know

One of the worst things about buying stuff that you need help to mount is that you have to wait after complete strangers, assigned to you by the company that made or sold the item you bought. These people oftentimes come in at ridiculous hours with a bad attitude and do an unconvincing job at that. With an ethanol fireplace, you don’t need any special mounting so you are free to just get it going and put it wherever you see fit. Whether that’s on the coffee table or on the patio is up to you, but you won’t have to deal with third-party agents.

Getting rid of the dirt for good

The next time you clean your fireplace shall be the last, provided that you go out and buy an ethanol fireplace afterward. An ethanol fireplace has the amazing advantage of not producing any of the residues which taint the experience of a regular fireplace.

So while the big stone construct engraved with beautiful patterns looks beautiful from the comfort of your couch, you might need to try something else if you can’t handle the mess anymore. And the perfect solution for that is an ethanol-fueled fireplace.

Portability and being there for you

If you want to read a book in front of the fireplace, do you go by the fireplace or hop on the hammock in the garden? The answer can be both, but some prefer the latter and those people have or are thinking of buying an ethanol fireplace.

One of the best things about ethanol-based fireplaces is that they are not bound by the same restrictions as regular ones. So while a normal fireplace might be trapped on a wall, your ethanol fireplace can accompany you wherever you go, which is neat. You can get the warmth and enchanting atmosphere of a burning fire, and the serene atmosphere and peacefulness of your garden or terrace at the same time.