2007 Home Improvement Values, Louisville KY vs. Nation

In one of our most popular posts of last year—Comparing Home Improvements in Louisville with the Nation—we looked at how home improvement project costs were recouped when it came time to sell your home. This is important information given that so many homeowners desire to include 100% of their home improvement dollars in their asking price when it comes time to sell, which isn’t realistic.

Now we have the numbers for 2007! Unfortunately, in almost every case, recoup values have gone down, sometimes drastically. But having this information should help every homeowner better prepared for both what kind of home improvement projects to undertake, as well as, what kind of home value increase is reasonable for each project.

Costs Recouped: 2007

Bathroom (Midrange)63.8%66.0%
Bathroom (Upscale)66.8%69.0%
Family Room68.5%68.6%
Master Suite (Midrange)68.9%69.0%
Master Suite (Upscale)64.7%64.1%
Attic Bedroom74.7%76.6%
Bathroom (Midrange)76.0%78.3%
Bathroom (Upscale)66.1%68.4%
Home Office51.3%57.0%
Kitchen Minor (Midrange)77.7%83.0%
Kitchen Major (Upscale)70.7%74.1%
Roofing (Midrange)58.2%67.4%
Roofing (Upscale)60.8%65.7%
Siding (Fiber Cement)81.0%88.1%
Siding (Foam-Backed Vinyl)72.9%79.7%
Windows (Midrange-Wood)75.2%81.2%
Windows (Midrange-Vinyl)69.4%79.3%
Windows (Upscale-Wood)74.2%79.3%
Windows (Upscale-Vinyl)75.1%81.0%
Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2007