2018 Best Kentucky Counties for Real Estate

Once a year I run the numbers to see which are the best Kentucky counties for real estate. I do this by looking at the average sale prices over time for counties that are in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Sorry, rest of the state!

So it’s that time of year again. The numbers have been crunched. The charts prepared. Let’s dig in!

Louisville Kentucky Counties

I know, I know… this article title is a bit misleading. Ok, maybe it’s a lot misleading. That’s on me. I’ve been tracking this data since the early 2000’s and it would be almost impossible for me to gather data on the other 115 counties. That’s right, Kentucky has 120 counties. Crazy huh? Only Texas, Georgia and Virginia have more.

Anyway, back to the counties in and around Louisville. Jefferson County is basically Louisville. (For specific real estate data about the different MLS areas within Jefferson, please visit these Louisville Housing Reports.) Then Oldham is to the northeast, Shelby is due east, Spencer is southeast and finally, Bullitt is straight south. Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, here are the stats!

Home Prices by County in Louisville, KY
With this graph, it’s easy to see how home prices in these Kentucky counties have performed from 2003 through 2018.

For most of these, have been trending higher from 2011 or so. During this past year, 4 of the 5 moved sharply higher. Here are the raw numbers.

2017 2018 Change
Jefferson $199,947 $211,057 5.56%
Oldham $316,941 $350,971 10.74%
Bullitt $182,383 $194,517 6.65%
Shelby $243,463 $223,585 -8.16%
Spencer $223,654 $247,170 10.51%

Even though Oldham Counties has some of the expensive real estate in Kentucky, their numbers are moving higher. Largely due to more new construction which will always push values.

Only Shelby County saw the average sale price decrease in the past 12 months. There could be some good value to be had by savvy home buyers.

Also note, the values I compared in this were the average sale price for each county during the month of May. Then I compared it to the previous year’s May. Nothing can be noted by homes that don’t sell other than traditional, annual appreciation… which is an article for another time.

Now let’s look at how the sales volumes break down by county.

Kentucky County Sales Totals

Louisville County Home Sales pie chart
Far more Jefferson County homes exchange hands than all of its neighboring counties combined.

Not much surprise here. When it comes to the best Kentucky counties for real estate, you’ll find far more options in the cities than you will in the country. When you consider that only 21 homes were sold in Spencer County this may, it just proves this point. While more than 1,100 exchanged hands during the same time frame.

To answer our original question, you’ll find the best selection of homes in Jefferson County. You’ll find the nicest homes in Oldham County. And you’ll most likely find the best bargains in Bullitt. Not always but typically that’s the case.

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2018 Best Kentucky Counties for Real Estate
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