3 Ways to Let Interior Design Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are thinking about selling your home, then you may be wondering how much it’s worth.  Move over, most people want to maximize the profits from selling their home without investing a lot of money. That is why the experts show us three interior design tips to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank.

Photo of a fun accent rug
Adding a fun accent rug can breathe new life into your space. And… when you sell your home you can take it with you!

These tips are easy for anyone to do themselves. Or, you can hire an expert. You may want to put your own specific touches on these designs, but the data proves that can be a mistake. So, keep things clean and neutral so your home will sell quickly. Make potential buyers envision themselves living in the space when they see it.

Newly Painted Walls Have A Huge Impact on Any Home

First and foremost a completely neutral space affords buyers the opportunity to see their own things there. Now that’s not to say that everything should be white with no color. Or that you should paint the walls beige and take all your furniture out. In fact, there’s always a way to make things work together and showcase the space and not what’s inside of it.

  1. Paint color can make any home seem clean, fresh, and new. Plus, the impact of the color you choose can influence how potential buyers see the property. So, make sure you choose wisely and try to stay away from dark colors that make a space seem smaller. On the contrary, try to use light and bright colors that complement the space and feel inviting and new.
  2. When choosing the type of paint to use be careful not to pick cheap paint to save a dollar or two per gallon. This is a mistake that people can easily make since we all like to save money. But you want to buy high-quality paint that covers in 1 coat and has a rich finish when dried. Remember you want to give buyers a beautiful home that they feel is finished, and done to high standards, in order to maximize your profits during the sale.

New Window Treatments Can Transform Your Home’s Interior

Another simple way to increase your home’s value is by taking down the old window treatments and starting anew. According to top Treasure Coast Realtors, the buyers in today’s real estate market want their homes to feel fresh and new. Most buyers want a lot of sunlight to enter the rooms from the windows. However, they also want the window treatments to accent the interior of each room respectively.

It’s a safe bet to buy light colors and make sure the window treatments open wide and allow for maximum sunlight. But also keep in mind the style of your home’s interior and include this in the design of the drapes, panel blinds, shades, or curtains you choose.

There may be some physical labor involved with each of these interior design tips and you may want to hire a professional to do it. But if you DIY, think about the extra money you’ll save.

Accent Rugs Are an Easy Way To Create An Upscale Look

This last step is fun and allows for some reasonable customization. Keep in mind that accent rugs come in all shapes, styles, and colors. It’s ok to show some flare! Choosing the right rug can transform the floors from being bland and boring, to warm and welcoming.

Try and choose rugs with fluid designs and low-impact patterns for the largest areas like the living room. This allows for the space to seem larger than it is, which is always a good thing to buyers. Then in smaller areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and porches you can add some spice to the rugs and choose those that pop, full of patterns and designs. You can go into brighter colors here too because they will add a layer of artistic appeal, to otherwise boring flooring.