4 Reasons Why Quartz Countertops Are Perfect for Your Bathroom

Quartz is often called an “engineered” stone because it is not made from only quartz. It is also known as a “compound” or “cultured” stone material. Quartz countertops are never fully comprised of simply quartz but varying materials such as resin, cement, silica, ceramic, and other polymeric materials. 

Photo of bathroom with great quartz counters

Not to be confused with quartzite, which is a natural stone made from sandstone, quartz is made through an engineered process. The first step is a process where all the materials that will go into the slab are mixed together by blending and crushing. Then, the air is removed and heat is used to shape the newly formed stone mixture.

If you’re looking for a stunning and user-friendly bathroom counter option, quartz countertops are a front-runner. Quartz counters are the perfect blend of style and functionality for use in your bathroom. The bathroom is a room that is frequented often and let’s face it, one that is a part of our daily routine. The perfect choice for your counter is important because you need a material that is heavily accustomed to wearing from things like water, makeup residue, and exposure to humidity, quartz it the most viable option that can take the challenge. Discover the 4 big reasons why quartz is perfect for your bathroom counter.

1. Durability

Quartz is a strong surface material because it is formed from so many different materials. Natural stone is durable and highly desirable but quartz tops it in strength and can last longer because of its hearty qualities.

Quartz is resistant to abrasive forces, so etching and scratching are not as much of an issue with quartz as with a natural stone. Although quartz is not known for its heat resistance, this still leaves it as a perfect choice for the bathroom because extremely hot surfaces are rarely in use in a bathroom. Quartz will last you for years to come and can face the daily use of a bathroom counter. From residue from things like makeup, oils, and lotions, a quartz countertop won’t diminish its strength from extreme usage over time. 

Another reason why quartz is a great choice for your bathroom counters is that it is non-porous. Due to its impervious quality, the effects of mold and mildew from regular humidity in a bathroom won’t damage the slab. Quartz is also odor-resistant.

2. Easy Clean and Maintenance

Quartz is easier to maintain than natural stone due to the fact that it does not require sealant. Most natural stone, such as quartzite or marble, needs to be sealed every one to two years. This is in order to prevent staining and scratching and to upkeep the usability of your counters. 

Quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed so it’s one less maintenance issue to worry about. Quartz is not as porous as natural stone because of all of the mixed materials, so it’s extremely resistant to stains, hence no need for the sealant.

Cleaning a quartz counter in your bathroom is very simple. Simply wipe your counter with a damp cloth and some mild dish soap and you’re done! That’s why it’s the ideal choice for a bathroom counter, no fuss, and no concerns if you happen to skip cleaning your counters every now and then. 

3. Adaptable Design

Quartz slabs are highly versatile in design and this flexibility allows you to create your dream bathroom and incorporate a quartz countertop that naturally fits in. There are endless options when it comes to style and color and even the shape of your quartz. Quartz very closely resembles natural stone, so much so, that you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. You can choose slabs that closely mimic marble, granite, and other natural stone materials. Quartz also comes in many colors so you can incorporate it into your bathroom’s existing design. 

Quartz is so pliable and malleable during formation, that you can shape into many designs. Many quartz slabs can come fabricated with built-in sink basins, especially for your bathroom counters. Although the seams between quartz slabs can be a bit more visible, it is a small factor considering how easy it is to fuse and adapt it to your bathroom design. 

Quartz counters fit any bathroom’s style. If you desire a more contemporary style, you can purchase quartz that resembles the sleek and simple design of marble, in colors of gray and white. You can also choose quartz in colors that can fit an old-world feel or any color scheme that your bathroom already has. 

4. The Greener Option

Easy maintenance makes quartz countertops more eco-friendly than other countertop surface options. Harsh chemical cleaning and sealing isn’t a factor with quartz counters.

Quartz is mostly comprised of materials that would otherwise be wasted. Some quartz also contains recycled glass and other recycled materials in its design making it a green choice. It’s a healthy choice for your bathroom considering these factors and because you don’t need to upkeep with regular harsh and unhealthy cleaning duties.  

Other Qualities of Quartz Countertops

Although the prices for quartz can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the mixture in the quartz, it’s a price well worth paying. The cost of quartz can range anywhere from $75 per square foot, not including installation, to higher-end quartz $115 to $200 per square foot.

Edging and beveling features will add to the cost of quartz depending on the thickness and style. Even if you will purchase the higher-end slabs, they are worth the cost in terms of the investment you will make into a long-lasting bathroom counter. 

Quarts is user-friendly, green, versatile in design, and long-lasting. The decision to install quartz countertops in your bathroom comes with many options. It will vary a bit depending on your needs. In the end, it’s the current top choice for almost everyone.