4 Tips For Extra Space Throughout Your Louisville House

There never seems to be enough space around the house – whether you have a brand new house, a house you grew up in, or even a townhouse. It always seems to just collect more and more boxes and use up valuable storage space. Here are some great tips for extra space you can free up in your home!

Photo of a great way to add extra storage space in your Louisville house
Adding extra storage space in your Louisville house isn’t as hard as you might think. Check out these great tips! | Photo: simplifiedbee.com

There is nothing like that feeling of finally getting rid of old junk and adding space that you never thought you would or could have. Here are four tips for extra space throughout your house and removing some of the clutter.

1. Space in the Kitchen

When you are looking to add space in the kitchen, there are many ways to do so without really going off the deep end. Instead of installing new cabinets and spending more money than necessary, try getting rid of some of the old plates, glasses, and containers you probably haven’t used in years.

Don’t be afraid to toss them, or even gather everything together for your next neighborhood garage sale or yard sale. Make it worth your time and effort!

2. Space in your Basement

Adding space to your basement is really easier than you think. It may just take a little time to sort through and actually pick out what you need to keep and what can be tossed.

Holding on to mementos is one thing but becoming a hoarder and losing much-needed space around the house is another. If you haven’t been through or used anything in those basement boxes in the past year or two, chances are you don’t need them.

Suck it up, and throw stuff away. It will be great to have that extra space rather than the extra headache of seeing the boxes time and time again.

3. Space in the Garage

Similar to your basement, the garage somehow quickly becomes a resting place for many boxes and junk that you don’t think you should get rid of over the years. And how did that turn out for you? Exactly.
Just take the time and get rid of the extra tools, lawn equipment, bags, boxes – you name it – and either toss them out or look to make a few bucks off of them at garage sales or even online. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

4. Additional Storage Space

Space doesn’t need to necessarily be confined to what is laying around the floor or the closets. By this, I mean space is valuable too within your bedroom drawers and closets. Clothes always seem to pile up more and more without ever really getting rid of your favorite sweater or pair of jeans.

But then again, when was the last time you wore some of that stuff? It is time to make space in the drawers, and you could even add to a great cause by donating to the local charities.

Doug Chapman, a staff writer for HomeDaddys, a stay-at-home Dad blog. He specializes in diapers and Sippy cups by day but is a successful real estate investor by night.