Hot Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

It may have fallen out of fashion once upon a time, but wallpaper is coming back as a hot décor trend for homeowners. It’s a whole new world of wallpaper out there, so it’s best to educate yourself before you take the plunge. What’s the best way of choosing the perfect wallpaper?

Photo of a whimsical wallpaper

Once you’ve decided that you’re going for wallpaper (congratulations!) there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Here are some tips from Muraledesign to help guide you through your wallpaper journey.

What’s your décor style?

If you’re going for something classic or romantic, choose fine lines and floral patterns in muted tones and pastel colors.

For a casual look, keep it simple. Beadboard and stucco finishes are great options, as are organic or flowing floral designs. This will create a homey, relaxed vibe.

Contemporary décor calls for boldness: geometric patterns with glossy or metallic accents. Larger floral designs are also a trending statement this year.

Finally, if you’re going for traditional décor, choose intricate damasks and stripes. They will coordinate perfectly with that type of theme.

How are you going to place the wallpaper in the room?

You don’t necessarily need to cover all the walls in the room and call it a day. There are many ways in which you can use wallpaper to enhance your décor.

Covering all four walls of a room is a classic idea, however. To freshen it up, you could opt for a simple stripe design hung horizontally on all four walls for a contemporary look. For a trendy twist, consider large-scale designs or industrial textures.

For accent walls, choose a dramatic, bold pattern to draw attention to an area of the room, such as behind a sofa or bed. Go for designs with a hint of metallic gloss finish to give your room a glamorous touch.

Enhance your ceiling! You can get the elegant look of Victorian tin ceilings with textured wallpaper or even paintable squares.

Of course, there’s more to wallpaper than style and placement. Here are a few more questions to consider when choosing the perfect wallpaper for your room.

If you’re wallpapering your room for the first time, avoid choosing very small patterns with offset matches – the designs can be challenging to match up and repeat.

Flat wallpaper vs. textured wallpaper: Which is best?

Textured wallpapers are a great choice and can go a long way in helping you develop a personal style with your décor.

Textured wallpapers add a bit of dimension to your walls. They also do a great job of covering up imperfections. Paintable wallpapers can give you a monochromatic look that will work well with certain décor themes. Generally speaking, textured wallpapers have less intricate designs than painted ones.

Flat wallpapers offer more intricate design options and can feature finishes like metallic, mica, or gloss. Textured wallpapers give a more casual feel to the room, whereas painted wallpapers can give off a more refined or elegant style.

No matter what décor theme you’re going for, you can find the right wallpaper to go with it. Experiment with different designs and have fun!