4 Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Portraits

Artwork, portraits, and paintings can transform not just the bare walls of your home, but they also add personality. The way you decorate your walls can deliver the “Wow!” factor to any room by becoming the focal point that draws the eye. Portraits and art talk about your interests and the important people in your life.

Photo of an artwork collection

Interior design is all about taste. But, before your start picking out your favorite pictures and ordering frames, you might want to learn how to blend the pieces with the appropriate backdrops and spots around the house. Here are some quick ideas to get you started.

Put together a collection of art and framed pictures in different sizes. You could also blend mirrors and gilded frames to offset the overall tone and mix things together. In addition to baby images of the kids, you could put up hand-illustrated house portraits of a beloved home you moved from. Hang the frames at varying levels and create a gallery wall that extends to the top. This simple tactic will add to the illusion of space and higher ceilings. 

2. Paint the Backdrop in Jewel Tones to Make the Portraits Pop

Whether you’re laying focus on a single piece of artwork or collage, make the entire wall interesting by painting it in jewel tones like ruby, sapphire, ebony, or royal blue. Alternatively, you could stencil a delicate pattern on the wall. Accent walls are an excellent way to highlight an otherwise simplistic room with a muted color scheme. Depending on the dimensions of the interiors, you could upholster your furniture with fabrics matching the jewel colors of the wall. Find out more at Repurposing Junkie.

3. Consider Getting Oversized Art 

In place of smaller frames, you could decorate your walls with a single oversized piece of artwork or portrait. Hang it up above the bed or fireplace in the living room. The wall behind a cabinet in the dining area is also the perfect spot for an attention-grabbing painting. If the space is compact, you’ll go with simple black-and-white photos with a minimalistic theme. On the other hand, an airy, well-lighted room done up in beiges, creams, and ecrus would be the ideal setting for a piece of abstract art in vibrant colors.

4. Protect the Paintings from Sunshine

When working out the placement of your artwork, remember to choose spots that won’t be exposed to direct or indirect sunshine. For an added measure of protection, secure the colors by framing the painting with UV-resistant acrylic glass which is lighter than regular glass. You would also want to pay attention to the humidity levels in the house. Art is best protected when the ambient moisture is not more than 55%.

The exciting thing about artwork and portraits is that you can adorn any wall in the house with them. For instance, smaller spaces like the hallway at the entrance, stairway wall, or an otherwise uninteresting corner. Set up planters on the floor and frames at different levels going up the walls. Let your imagination go wild and accentuate your home with little bits of your personality. 

Bonus Tip

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your walls, consider using custom and stylish canvas prints. With these, wall decors become more personal and it would also fit the kind of space concept you’re going for. You can use an image of your family, pet, or a favorite photo of yourself. 

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