4 Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Portraits

Artwork, portraits, and paintings can transform not just the bare walls of your home, but they also add personality. The way you decorate your walls can deliver the “Wow!” factor to any room by becoming the focal point that draws the eye. Portraits and art talk about your interests and the important people in your life.

Photo of an artwork collection

Interior design is all about taste. But, before your start picking out your favorite pictures and ordering frames, you might want to learn how to blend the pieces with the appropriate backdrops and spots around the house. Here are some quick ideas to get you started.

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4 Brilliant Interior Styles to Consider in 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for most people. Many small businesses have closed their doors for the very last time. Others have had far less drama. These folks have been saving money throughout 2020. With the new year in sight they’ll be looking out for productive ways to spend their cash. To that end, let’s check out some of the hottest interior styles to consider in 2021.

Photo of a minimalist bedroom
Photo by Patryk Kamenczak

As we look for a new change of scenery, finding an interior design that you really connect with can be amazing. Also, if done right, will also add value to your home. That’s good, right?

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7 Hottest Interior Design Projects of the Year

Every year, the interior design world awards the best products and innovations that change the way we look at our living space. Here’s a quick look at the spaces and the interior design projects that really got the attention of designers this year.

1: SOHO 3Q by Ippolito Fleitz Group

SOHO 3Q by Ippolito Fleitz Group. Photography by Creatar Image.
SOHO 3Q by Ippolito Fleitz Group. Photography by Creatar Image | Source

Coworking spaces have sprouted in cities over the last few years. The latest, most awe-inspiring one is the SOHO 3Q in China which was designed with millennials in mind.

It’s five levels consist of amenities that workers need such as workstations, conference rooms, and canteens. It also has a variety of seating options to suit different purposes whether it’s for working or recharging.

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Turning Your Living Room into a Private Retreat

A retreat offers you a private space where you can withdraw and unwind. In many cases, your private retreat might be a much-needed place to disconnect and recharge. Different people will have different uses for their retreat spaces. Some might prefer their private retreat to be a quiet place to read while others might prefer a personal spa experience.

Photo of a private retreat

The good thing is, no matter how you prefer to use your retreat space, these sorts of spaces can easily be created in your own home with just a few design considerations, and you won’t even have to worry about a full renovation.

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