5 DIY Home Improvement Tips That Attract Buyers

As we all know, owning a home is a huge investment that takes an enormous amount of time, money, and effort. Given these factors, property owners looking to sell cannot afford to go wrong when it comes to improvements. Read on to learn about some great DIY home improvement tips!

Photo of painter and paint cans

How do you determine which renovations will appeal to your target buyers? Do you shoot for trendy, classic, or just keep the house in good shape? Questions like these are risky and difficult to solve because sometimes they result in improvements that do not add any value.

However, there are a number of basic improvements that are proven to increase a home’s value, no matter its style or condition. Below lists the best DIY home improvement tips that attract potential customers. If you are looking to maximize your sale to move up the real estate ladder, then check out these home improvement must-dos.

1. Power-wash and repaint the exterior

Your home’s exterior creates a mental picture within a potential customer’s mind of what to expect once they step inside. Dents, cracks, and stains on the walls will scare away potential customers even if you have stylish furniture, a modern kitchen, and up-to-date bathroom fixtures.

Take time to scrub the walls and remove all dirt and stains. Peeling paints is also be a turnoff, but you can rectify the situation inexpensively. You may want to invest in a professional painter if you’re looking to get the job done faster or in a better fashion than you might be able to do.

2. Do away with the clutter

Personalized items such as art, mementos, and family photos may indicate that you are not serious about staging your home. Potential customers can tell from afar whether you are ready to sell by assessing the home’s lack of clutter and personality. Keep your personal items in the garage to create enough space in the main viewing rooms like the sitting room and the bedrooms. The less personality your home has, the greater the ability for potential buyers to envision the space as their own.

3. Focus on landscaping

Your home garden will be of interest to homebuyers, so pay attention to flowers, shrubs, and greenery on your property. Evergreen plants will always draw passerby’s attention toward your house. Avoid planting annuals and focus more on perennials because they last longer and require less maintenance. Cut any overgrown shrubs on your property to give it a fresh look. You can also plant some flowers along the walkways and the parking lot.

4. Clean the interior

The state of the countertop, tiles, and sinks will be of interest to potential home buyers. Potential buyers don’t want to incur extra costs on blocked and leaking pipes. Use detergents to scrub the tiles and sinks to improve their look. You can also repaint the cabinets with neutral colors that are likely to appeal to a larger clientele.

5. Upgrade door knobs and handles

Squeaky and cracked knobs and handles may negatively affect your home selling efforts. Assure customers that the home you are about to sell is secure. Simple fixtures can make your home appear to be outdated and unattractive, so update these details to give your entrance a fresh look. Windows and cabinet knobs are also designed with details not to skimp on.

Implementing the above DIY renovation tips will increase your bargaining power. If your dream is a serene, luxury property, then you need to be smart about building your equity base and moving up the property ladder. You do not need a complete home overhaul to attract potential buyers; just make sure to present your home as beautifully as you can.