Five Failsafe Tricks that Will Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Many homeowners who put up their homes for sale would really want to receive an offer within days. Closing a deal is crucial especially if you are eyeing another house you want to buy. But how can you sell your home quickly and not wait for months to get an offer?

There’s a quick well-established trick you can use to reduce the time your home spends on the market. Research conducted by the Real Estate Association reveals that homes staged prior to listing often receive an offer within 23 days on average.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re probably thinking, how can I sell my house fast? Here are five tricks real estate agents suggest that you can use to sell your home quickly if you cannot afford to stage your home.

1. Go on a Tidying-up Spree

The key to getting potential buyers’ attention is ensuring you de-clutter your home to create a pleasant environment. The following areas usually attract junk and they need special attention.

  • Bathroom and kitchen counters
  • Tabletops
  • Magazine racks
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Laundry room shelves

What about your closets? They need your decluttering skills as well. A crowded closet is an indication to buyers that there is not enough space for everything. Free up as much space as possible so that buyers can see that there is a lot of storage space.

2. Reorganize the Furniture

Now that the clutter is all gone, your next job to tackle is the furniture. Will buyers be able to sit for a while?  Are buyers able to walk freely thru your home without bumping into things? If not, then begin reorganizing.  Begin with the bulky items and put them in storage. Also, move furniture away from the walls.

If you need help, an experienced agent can assist you with reimagining your home. Are there pieces in other rooms that you could use to repurpose the living room? If yes, go ahead and create the effect you want.

You need to create an open but friendly space that will stimulate conversation; that’s what buyers want to see when they walk in. If you are dealing with a small space, then you have to make sure you maximize it.

3. Think Like a Buyer

Everyone knows the importance of cleaning your home for showings. However, this cleaning goes beyond ordinary tidy-up. 

You have to think about spring cleaning and get it done. You have to think like a buyer. What is it that buyers are looking for? Tackle every crevice and corner: from tile grout to baseboards, window blinds, and ceiling fans. Every surface must be scrubbed ’til they’re shiny.

Cleaning windows is super important. Make them so clean that all the light can come in.

4. Set the Table

Staging creates a picture, which allows potential buyers to imagine what life would be like in your home. The dinner table gives a true picture of family life.

Real estate agents will tell you the significance of staging your dining room. Bring out your choicest china, linen, and flatware. Why not add a dash of bold colors to create a seasonal flair?

There’s no need to go all out with your dinnerware. Set the table for just two people. Simplicity is smart. If you need inspiration, then check online, you’ll find tons of ideas there.

5. Bring the Outside In

Your home can be attractive if you utilize the flowers in full bloom outside your door. Use flowers to bring an added luster to your home.

Maybe, you don’t have flowers growing in your yard, if this is so, then check your local grocery store and buy a fresh prearranged bouquet. If you fall short on vases, you can use a vintage pitcher to display your flowers.

Flowers are not your only option. Fresh fruits and veggies displayed in a bowl on your kitchen counter will add charm to your kitchen. 

Use Extra Cash

Maybe you have a bit of extra cash on your hand that you don’t mind spending. Use this extra cash to buy some paint. Painting and mulching your front yard will certainly add perks to the appearance. Why?  Buyers usually make a decision for buying within the first 6 seconds—from the curb to the foyer.    

No two homes are alike, so before opting to spend money on giving your home a fresh look if you want to sell your home quickly, find a trustworthy real estate agent. This individual should have good knowledge of the market and can help you ‘top-up’ your home appeal even when you’re on a tight budget.