Get Inspired: 5 Garage Door Designs and Ideas

Many people don’t see their garage door as something that can be improved via design or different ideas. We’ve all seen those simple garage doors. They are basic. They certainly don’t stand out. So let’s change that! We’re here to share some awesome garage door designs that will hopefully inspire you.

The garage door can represent a big portion of your house’s façade. So it is important not to forget about them. In the middle of a house makeover? Make sure to tackle the garage door and make it fit your needs and desires.

In today’s article, we’re looking at five garage door designs and how they fit into your home’s overall style. If you’re applying a style to an existing door, make sure the garage door is in good working condition before you start. If needed, you can always call on a garage door repair professional.

Now, what if your home doesn’t have a garage at all? Well, if you have space you may want to know how to build a garage and then add the door afterwards. Let’s get started!

Garage Door Designs

Your home has its own style. And there are many types of garages to go along with that style. Here are some current designs when it comes to matching a garage door to your home’s look.

Photo of a new home with a beautiful garage door

Side Sliding Sectional Garage Door

Most garages come with doors that simply open – on the outside or outside – or that roll up. However, for a simpler and space-saving design, you can always try side sliding sectional doors. These are perfect for when the garage has a non-standard shape. Or, if the ceiling is used for storage or features décor elements. Side sliding sectional doors also come with a minimalistic look, fit for a modern house.

Vintage California Garage Door

When we have vintage and California in the same sentence, we’ll most likely think of classic wooden doors, similar to barn doors, and with flowers surrounding the garage’s entries. Maybe use brick wallpaper on the garage’s walls to give your garage the look of the old, Spanish-style California design.

Lakeside Garage Doors

Photo of a new home with an attractive garage door

Here we might be talking about a look similar to a fishing hut. In this case, the garage door can be made of wood or reclaimed wood, but it should also have windows at the top. The top of the garage door can be arched and maybe even feature a lamp above it.

Midcentury Garage Door

If you want to go for the 60s or 50s garage door style, then what you need is frosted glass. This style can be paired with houses that have a minimalist design. The garage door can feature frosted glass in the shape of either squares or rectangles, with a dark, metal frame.

Roller Garage Door

Unlike classic garage doors, that cover up most of your ceiling, roller garage doors take little to no space. Typically a very industrial design. Using roller garage doors leaves you with a lot of space inside your garage. For example, since the ceiling will be free, maybe install an overhead lamp, perfect for those evenings when you’ll be working on your car. People with a lot of outdoor equipment can install pulley systems to store bikes or canoes.

Matching Design

If you want your garage door to fit in with the rest of your house, you can use paint that blends in with the home’s architectural design. Or add wood strips, then paint them with a highlighting color.

There are a lot of styles and designs that can be approached when tweaking your garage doors. However, the idea here is that you’d want them to either fit perfectly with the rest of your home or be entirely different. You may have a minimalist, all-white home façade, but you can have your garage door made of dark, reclaimed wood. Creativity is essential if you’re considering a bold change to your garage door.

So there you have it! We hope this information has inspired you to think more about the impact your garage door has on the appearance of your entire home. If you need a garage door installed you need to call an expert. However, some maintenance items are DIY projects.