5 Kitchen Design Ideas for a Small Counter Space

The kitchen is one part of the home that should always be incredibly functional and efficient. Everyone wants their kitchen to look good, but sometimes, you have to face space restrictions when trying to fit everything that you need. When designing a kitchen, having things that provide a certain amount of utility but look good at the same time is all that you need. Below you’ll find five kitchen design ideas that do exactly that.

One of the bigger concerns that people face in their kitchens is with regard to the spacing that they have. They want their kitchens to be fully equipped, but the space that you have to work with may not be enough to fit everything. If you have a small counter, in particular, storing your essentials may be even harder.

If you are wondering how you can improve your countertop space in a smaller kitchen, here are some things that you can incorporate.

1. Tall Canisters

A lot of the space that gets used up on the countertops is for kitchen essentials like flour, salt, and sugar. Most people like to use canisters, which can sometimes be bulky and take up a lot of space.

If you want something that doesn’t cramp up the place as much, go in for taller and sleeker jars, instead of shorter and wider. This height allows you to store just as much of the ingredients while taking up less space.

2. Storage on the Side of Your Counter

The countertop is not the only place where you can store your kitchen essentials. Making a stand and setting it up on the side of your counter is a great way to add in storage for things like pans, utensils, or kitchen cloths. Even a simple towel bar on the side of the counter can suffice for this kind of storage.

3. Cake Stand as an Organizer

An easy way to create an illusion of space is to use an object like a cake stand. Because a cake stand is elevated, it gives the illusion of having more space on the counter. Multilayered cake stands are even better since they let you store more things in this small space. A cake stand can also be used near the sink to store dish soap and hand towels.

4. Magnetic Holders

One of the best tools that a person can employ when dealing with space restrictions is magnetic holders. Magnetic strips have a number of benefits when installed in a kitchen.

For one, they eliminate the need for holders for your utensils, which can take up more space. They also look neater and can give your counter more space to work with. Using these for smaller counters is a great way to store more utility items without compromising on anything.

5. Floating Wall Shelves

If you are looking for more storage, installing floating shelves above your countertop is a great way to store more things. Keep those kitchen essentials close at hand in spite of a smaller countertop.

More shelving frees up your countertops. This gives you more space to work while you are cooking in the kitchen. It can also make everything seem a lot neater, and more in order.

A small counter doesn’t mean you have to compromise on anything. There are plenty of kitchen design ideas that will make your space more functional while helping it look good at the same time. Use these simple tips. Share them with your friends. Before long your kitchen looks even better with more functional storage too.

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