Choose the Right Toilet: What You Ought to Know

How hard can it be to choose the right toilet? Can’t be that tough, right? Wrong. With so many manufacturers and a mountain of innovative new features, it’s no longer a case of picking a color that matches your bathroom and calling it a job well done.

Photo of a contemporary bathroom

In fact, a toilet is a serious investment, and choosing the right toilet for you and your family is quite a difficult process. However, I am here today to make it a little bit easier for you by giving you the top considerations to think about before taking the plunge (excuse the pun) and buying a new toilet.

Eco-Friendly Models Are No Longer Less Effective

There was a time when eco-friendly in terms of a toilet meant using a composting toilet. Although these are still available and have certainly moved with times, there is now a higher-than-ever demand for standard toilets that are eco-friendly.

With the demand came the design and now most major manufacturers attempt to make their toilets eco-friendly by installing flushing systems that use less water but still work just as well. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it’s also budget-friendly because you will save money on your water bill.

There are More Choices Than Ever When It Comes to Features

A few common issues for families are:

  • Having to have a separate toilet and bidet
  • Ice-cold toilet seats on winter mornings
  • The dazzling bathroom light wakes them up in the dead of night or risking splashback

Now all of these problems and more can be solved with a toilet. There are toilets available on the market right now that come with built-in bidet systems, heated seats which can be pre-programmed so the seat is never cold, and motion sensor-activated gentle night lights.

This model by Grohe comes with a built-in bidet system and even has a no-touch open and close lid working through a motion sensor meaning your hands stay germ-free.

Low Budget Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Low Quality

Although toilets at the lower end of the budget scale aren’t going to come with all of the additional features of a smart toilet, that doesn’t mean they’re going to fall apart within the first year of use.

In fact, many reputable manufacturers are producing budget models that are made to last. Although they may be slightly less aesthetically pleasing, if money is tight, it’s always good to know you can find a quality product that will last well without having to break your budget.

Before you start shopping to choose the right toilet, make a list of:

  • Your budget
  • Which features you would like (in order of preference)
  • The brands you like

You can now shop based on these lists. Take a look at what is available within your price range, and if you do have to compromise on the features you would like, make sure your top three are present in the model you choose.

Of course, keep an open mind when it comes to brand preference – don’t miss out on a bargain because you’re not familiar with the brand. Do some research and read customer reviews and you might find that actually, the new brand has a really good reputation.

Now it’s time to make that list and choose the right toilet for your spa-worthy bathroom.