5 Landscaping Tips to Elevate Your Home’s Value

It’s never a bad idea to change and renovate your house to increase its curb appeal. Spending a few hundred dollars can give you back by increasing the house value by thousands of dollars. But it all depends on what and how you carry out things. Renovating kitchen cabinets or finishing an attic can be a good idea, but taking advantage of these landscaping tips increases the house value to 15-20 percent.

Photo of a home's front porc;h and yard

The house’s exterior casts the first impression. So, any valuable touch to its exterior enhances its value. Who doesn’t love a beautiful landscape? The good thing about landscaping is that it never goes out of fashion.

Take a second to check out this villa for sale in Dubai, you will see that the idea of landscaping can be far more than just grass and plants. If done right, great landscaping includes the land and the home’s entire structure.

With that in mind, here are some awesome landscaping tips to enhance your home’s value.

1. Make a Plan

No landscape is complete without the colors of nature. But do you have enough? Is it well organized?

Bringing in an expert who can give you a cohesive plan for the entire property is one of the best landscaping tips ever. Once you have this plan, you can either hire a professional landscaper to complete all of it, part of it, or go it alone. It’s your call!

2. Promising Entryway

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, think of ideas to make your entryway lush and welcoming. Consider a pathway of cobblestones or paver bricks. Then add both annuals and perennials. Sprinkle in some evergreen plantings and you’ll have it!

Start with your home’s face then work back from there. If you have a mailbox, don’t neglect that. There are many ways to upgrade the appearance of this functional but typically bland item.

3. Great Lighting Is a Must

Outdoor lighting is the simplest and budget-friendly way to take your landscaping game to the next level. There are so many lighting options, like fairy lights, light posts, chandeliers, and wall mounts, that will make your house insta-perfect. Many great lights come with small solar panels that allow you to forego the wiring. Just imagine an illuminated path to your front door, welcoming visitors and making your home more secure at the same time.

4. Build a Living Space

When creating the overall landscaping plan, you’ll certainly want some space for living. It’s essential that you take advantage of your outdoor spaces for people to gather, cook meals and enjoy nature.

Think patios, decks, porches, pergolas, and outdoor dining places. These outdoor spaces might turn out to be your favorite places of all. When the time comes to sell, make sure your Realtor highlights the outdoor experiences that the future owners can enjoy when they buy your property.

5. Consider a Water Feature

Water features can be simple or grand, cheap or expensive. There are a number of them you can even do yourself.

Depending on your location, an inground pool might be essential. But understand that in certain markets, you’re only getting a couple of months of warm weather. Besides the swimming pool, a fountain or waterfall will also make a great appeal to your landscape. Think about what you might enjoy personally, but don’t be afraid to ask your local real estate expert which home upgrades will create the highest return on your investment.

There you go! Now you know how you can increase the value of your house with some of these landscaping tips. But make sure to plan first before jumping in headfirst. Make smart choices and your home’s value, along with your mental outlook, will both be better!

Tre Pryor, Realtor

Tre Pryor is the leading real estate expert in the city of Louisville. He is a multi-million dollar producer and consistently ranks in the top 1% of Louisville Realtors for homes sold. Tre Pryor has the highest possible rating—5.0 stars on Google—by his clients and is routinely interviewed by the local NBC news. Tre Pryor is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.