Save Money by Not Running Your AC

Of course, running your air conditioning in the summer is not ideal, given that the hot temperatures mean it cost more to cool. So, to save money you should think about how to make your home more efficient.

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Everyone loves saving money so check out these simple solutions for this hot topic!

Don’t Waste the Air

Indeed, air is everywhere, but not cool air, and especially not during summer. Cool air should only be inside your home, and not outside, so one of the simplest things to do in order to avoid wasting money and energy with the AC is to see if there are cracks or poor insulation throughout your home.

It happens often if the house is not a new one, so it’s a good idea to manually check windows, doors, insulation in the attic or any other cracks you spot. Alternatively, you can also call for a home energy audit. The investment will usually pay off in the long run.

Choose the Right Place for the Thermostat

You might not guess it, but it’s extremely important to place the thermostat right. For example, if you choose to place it on a wall right next to one of the hot windows in the house, the AC will work much more, thinking that the temperature is higher than it actually is. Clever, huh?

Close Your Blinds

It might seem obvious, but You may dislike the darkness in the house, but you’ll love the coolness there, trust us! Closing the blinds blocks the sun from entering the house, which means that the thermostat will not get that hot, and neither will you. Moreover, the blinds will insulate the room, keeping cold air inside, together with the closed windows.

Look for Alternative Sources

There are also other solutions to cool a room, besides (or simultaneously with) the AC. For instance, a ceiling fan can bring the temperature 10 degrees down, plus it uses only 10% of the energy of an HVAC system. There are also some smart ceiling fans that you can control with an app, so make sure you check those out. You can even schedule them for a perfect temperature in your room!

Check the Online Field

You may think you know it all, but unless you’re an expert in this field, you may need some professional assistance. As such, you may want to check the online field and see what companies are available there. One such example is the National Air Warehouse, which offers solutions for heating and cooling systems. Moreover, you can always ask these companies for professional advice, since they have more experience and know what’s best for each home.