5 Mistakes That Are Destroying Our Houses

When you own a house looking after its maintenance is mandatory. Many homeowners make the mistake of not paying attention to signs that tell the health of their condition and end up having to face costly repairs. To keep the maintenance costs down you have to care for preventive maintenance. Let’s look at these common mistakes that are destroying our houses.

Photo of Home in St. Matthews
If you want your home to look this nice for years to come, you need to take good care of it. Read about the five mistakes that some homeowners make and avoid them.

Here are some common mistakes to learn from:

1. Failing to Look for Red Flags

You need to pay attention to signs that tell you something wrong is going to occur. Be proactive!

Everything from a leaking pipe to a broken door or a door missing its nails is a sign. You must take a look at your house every few months to make sure everything works perfectly. Also, keep expires in mind so that you can change what needs to be changed before it begins to trouble you.

2. Failing to Clean Gutters

The gutters outside your house are designed to keep the water away from the foundation and your property. This is very important! One of the most common mistakes that are destroying our houses is simply not cleaning out your gutters.

During fall, leaves and debris from other sources can clog the gutters which can affect the water flow. Clogged gutters can lead to many complications like roof damage, leaks, and mold. This should be at the top of your ongoing maintenance list.

You also may need to use a Tree Service Riverside when cutting branches that are too high. You don’t want to fall off a high ladder or roof so maybe call in the experts.

3. Failing to Clear the Dirt and Debris

Dust and debris accumulate throughout the entire home. Many homeowners take cleaning seriously and take time to dust, sweep and vacuum their homes but unfortunately forget ducts, air vents, and filters. Dust in your HVAC systems can affect their efficiency and cause them to work harder, keeping the filters and vents clean extends the lifetime of your HVAC system.

You should also read manuals to make sure you clean properly, and exactly how you are supposed to. Most of these tasks can be done without having to hire a professional.

4. Not Prepping Your Home for Storms

Damage to homes mostly occurs when homeowners are not prepared in advance for bad weather. For instance, prepare your house for rainy weather by cleaning your gutters. We’ve already talked about clogged gutters, but anything that might become insecure can become a larger problem if a storm comes through.

Secure the objects that can fly around and keep a shovel or something else to put down on slippery walkways. Cutting any tree branches hanging over your house or porch is also a good idea to prevent damage. So before any pipes burst, know where your main water shutoff valves are located.

5. Hiring Cheap Help

It may seem tempting and easy on the pocket to hire a neighbor who claims to be a handyman to make fixtures around your home. But actually, you are putting your home and yourself at risk. Hire a licensed and skilled professional who offers affordable waterproofing might also save you money in the long run.

If you avoid these mistakes you’ll be able to improve the life of your house and trust me, it’s worth it.