5 Most Common Home Styles Found in Texas

Property styles vary in every country: in England, terraced homes abound, while in Japan, a lack of space is a significant issue, and many homes are stacked on top of one another in towering skyscrapers. In the USA, common home styles tend to vary state by state. The choice of home style depends on a variety of factors, including the climate, history, and population of the state. In Texas, the heat and its varied colonial history combine to create a diverse range of properties. 

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Ranch home styles have always been very popular but even more so lately with America’s aging population looking for fewer stairs. | Photo: Tre Pryor

With its unique blend of influences, which range from Spanish and German to Native American and beyond, the state boasts a diverse array of home styles, each with its own aesthetic appeal and functional design suited to the state’s varying climates and landscapes.

Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a prospective home buyer, or someone simply interested in the rich tapestry of Texas’s cultural heritage, understanding the common home styles in the Lone Star State can be both an exciting and enlightening endeavor. Each architectural style tells a story about the people, the history, and the environment of Texas. These are some of the most popular property styles in Texas and how they came to be the epitome of Southern charm. 

1. Ranch Houses

Texas is known for its cowboys and Southern charm, so it’s perhaps no surprise that traditional ranch houses are always near the top of the list of common home styles. Also known as rambler or rancher, this style became popular in the post-World War II era.

Its single-story layout, open floor plan, and emphasis on indoor-outdoor living make it perfect for the warm Texas climate. Additionally, ranch homes are typically easier to navigate and maintain, making them popular with large families and older adults who want a home that’s easy to look after and gives them the space they need.

The style grew out of early homes built by Mexican ranchers and was later popularized after World War II thanks to a rise in suburban expansion. In Texas, the ranch-style home is particularly prevalent due to its practicality and ease of living in the region’s climate.

2. Victorian Manors

The Victorian style became popular in Texas during the 18 and 19 hundreds and are stand-out properties that require a lot of hard work to keep in great condition. These homes, often found in older Texas towns and neighborhoods, are characterized by intricate details, steep roofs, and large, wrap-around porches.

Victorian homes are known for their intricate details. This could include decorative trim, elaborate woodwork, stained glass windows, and vibrant color schemes.

Many Victorian manor houses are kept behind large gates to improve security and give them a luxurious, exclusive ambiance, as well as allow for more intricate detailing on the gates themselves. Specialist gate companies like Texas Gate Repair provide gate installation and services to Victorian-style manors across the state to create the perfect approach and boost security for these imposing and luxurious homes.

These homes can be found in many Texas towns, particularly in areas that experienced a boom during the Victorian era. Despite their age, many Victorian homes have been carefully maintained or restored, a testament to their enduring appeal. Their intricate details and grand designs often make them a favorite among those who appreciate historical architecture and who are willing to invest time and resources into their preservation, whether that means adding a gate or renovating the property to incorporate modern amenities.  

3. Craftsman Bungalows

The Craftsman Bungalow is a style that emerged in the early 1900s, as part of the Arts and Crafts Movement. This movement was a response to the increasingly industrialized nature of society, advocating for a return to handcrafted goods and a closer connection with nature. Today, it’s a mainstay on our common home styles list.

True to the Arts and Crafts philosophy, Craftsman homes often showcase handcrafted details. This can include built-in bookshelves, window seats, and intricate woodwork or stained glass windows.

In Texas, as in many parts of the United States, the Craftsman Bungalow style has been widely adopted and remains popular to this day, although it has been adapted to suit the local climate and culture. For instance, the porches offer much-needed shade during the hot summers, while the use of local materials like Texas limestone reflects the regional landscape. This blend of style, comfort, and practicality has made the Craftsman Bungalow a beloved choice among Texan homeowners.

4. Modern Homes

Texas’s major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston are part of the growing movement in the state toward contemporary and modern architecture. These homes are marked by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and an emphasis on sustainable materials and energy efficiency.

This style appeals to those seeking a sleek, forward-thinking look that reflects their urban surroundings. Exteriors on modern homes often consist of a mix of materials, such as concrete, glass, and steel, combined in a minimalist, visually striking manner. Inside, the layout is typically open and spacious, with a focus on function over ornamentation.

Large windows and open floor plans are common in these styles, allowing plenty of natural light to fill the spaces. Many contemporary and modern homes also feature designs that aim to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, such as sliding glass walls leading to patios or courtyards. 

5. Mediterranean-Style Homes

When it comes to high-end luxury properties in Texas, one of the most popular styles for affluent homebuyers is Mediterranea-style houses. Influenced heavily by the state’s Spanish colonizers, there are many examples of these homes throughout the state.

Spanish Colonial homes often feature stucco or plaster exteriors, red tile roofs, and heavy, carved doors. These elements not only provide a distinct aesthetic but also offer practical benefits like resistance to heat and easy maintenance. These properties usually use terracotta or natural stone as a façade to create a uniquely Mediterranean look that is appealing and enticing to wealthy buyers, so these properties tend to sell for high prices. 

Ultimately, whether your preference is for the simple elegance of Ranch style, the stately charm of Victorian, or the sleek lines of Contemporary, there’s a Texas house style that’s sure to capture your imagination. This article offers a brief introduction to some of the most popular house styles in Texas, which can help you to gain a deeper insight into Texas’s past and present, and perhaps even find inspiration for your own dream home in the Lone Star State. 

So now that you’ve seen the most common home styles, are you in the market for a new home? If so, here are three important things to know before buying a home no matter which city. And as always, if I can help you in your Louisville home search please contact me.

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