5 Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Please note that I didn’t say it’s a great time to sell. Homes are certainly being sold—almost 1,200 properties have sold in the first two months of the year here in Louisville—it’s just a tougher market to sell right now. The other side of the coin is that it’s a wonderful time to buy.

Photo of a Louisville homes for sale
Louisville homes for sale can be found on a number of websites, but is now the time to buy? | Photo: Tre Pryor

Don’t just take my word for it, here are Five Reasons to Buy a Home This Year from the experts at MarketWatch. I’ll bullet point the reasons below, but if you’re considering a move in 2009, you should read the whole piece.

1. Affordability is better than ever
2. You have a large inventory to choose from
3. Builders are offering big discounts
4. Mortgage rates are historically low
5. You can get a federal tax credit

Don’t discount #4 as no one knows what rates will do when the economy does rebound.