Top 5 Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

Now that I’ve been in “the biz” for 7 years, I thought I’d try to organize my experience into best practices for real estate agents, in the hopes that… (in my best Meryl Streep voice) if I can help even one of you that it’ll all be worth it!

Happy real estate agents are the best real estate agents
As you’ll see in the real estate agents’ best practices listed below, staying positive is huge. Never forget to smile! Yeah, I know… I use this stock photo too much.


You know I’m not a woman, right? Ok. Let’s move on.

Before we jump right in, you understand that are “heavy hitters” who charge thousands of dollars for this very information, don’t you? You didn’t?!? Well, there are.

That’s just not how I roll. You’re welcome. ;^)

Top 5 Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

1. Have a Plan with Goals

Every real estate expert will tell you that if you don’t have a plan, you’re just moving aimlessly around and will certainly be less productive. And they’re right! This plan should be a 1-year plan, start in January and say this year I will…

Maybe it’s things like:

  • Break $3M in sales volume
  • Complete 15 transactions
  • Finish and launch my new marketing website
  • Reach 24 new clients before June 

Whatever you decide, it needs to be measurable. You can’t just say, I want to do better than this year.

2. Consistently Use Systems

Getting into a routine with systems is huge!

Maybe you’re not an email person so your system is in a special notebook, which tracks how you stay in contact with your sphere of influence. Maybe you prefer an online system, there are a ton of them out there, that’ll help you manage all your client interactions.

Having no system won’t work. But it’s also important that you like the system you’re using. If you don’t, find or create a new one. This leads us to the next real estate best practice

3. Focus on What You Like Best

Life is too short to be miserable in your job. You have to enjoy it or you won’t be successful.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll love every aspect of your job.

Personally? I hate following up with clients who don’t communicate. I’m open and honest and I like dealing with people who are wired the same way.

Big surprise, not everyone is like me. Following up is huge and necessary and even though I don’t “love it” I’ve found a way to make it better. You need to do the same!

So, for each area of your business (marketing, management, networking, etc.) find a system that you enjoy and consistently run it!

4. Be Positive

This is a tough one for certain people. I should know, I am one. What I mean is, “I’m not naturally a positive person. It’s a struggle. But believe me, being positive is not only necessary in real estate, but it’s also key!”

Important Note: Clients will mistreat you. They will blame you for things that aren’t your fault. They will say bad things about you and go off to find another agent. This will happen, 100% positively.

That’s why you need to develop a positive attitude that doesn’t allow you to get upset when this happens. (Having plenty of clients and keeping busy is one of the best remedies. *grin*)

5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Human League album cover
After all, we’re only human. Born to make mistakes.

After all, we’re only human. Born to make mistakes.

The real estate business is very complex. It’s essentially running your own small business where you’re the CEO, VP of Marketing, Accountant, Sales Manager, and Desk Clerk on any given occasion.

With so many different tasks, we are bound to screw up, forget something, or possibly do something worse.

Keep learning. Stay on top of the latest news, especially as it comes to real estate regulations and law changes.

But, if you forget to send out your monthly flyers, that’s OK. If you forget to schedule that important showing? Tell your client, “I’m sorry” and move forward.

Hopefully, you’ve found these best practices for real estate agents helpful. If you have, please share it!