5 Steps to a Successful Move with Kids

Moving with kids is a big challenge whether you’re moving across the street, to another town, or even country. Planning makes the transition smoother for all involved. Note that children mostly love the predictable and familiar. Make them feel secure and comfortable throughout the process. Visit our website to learn more about this. Now let’s get to those tips that will help you have a successful move with kids.

Photo of a Successful Move with Kids
Moving with young children can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! | Photo by cottonbro studio

1. Take Time to Plan

A rushed move means you’ll not adequately think of all the details, including what your kids need. That’s not what we want, right? We want a successful move with kids involved. So the children’s ages, any special needs, and the move’s duration will all need to be taken into consideration. Take plenty of time to create an organized plan for everyone to settle quickly after the transition. This is key.

If you have very young kids, you might have to spend more time to prepare them. Think of what they’ll eat, wear, and play with. Give older kids a chance to say goodbye to friends, schoolmates, and neighbors. They will need this time to help them cope with the feelings they will experience because of the move.

2. Hire Professional Movers

The more time you save, the less stressful it is for everyone. Hiring a professional team means you can give the kids all the attention they need. You’ll also not be tired from the physical strain of moving. Professional movers are usually well-equipped and can carry heavy items quickly and safely.

Research and read reviews before hiring one. Also, factor in your needs and preferences. Are you moving to a new home abroad? Choose a provider well-versed in long-distance or overseas moves.

3. Communicate with Your Kids

If you’re really banking on a successful move with kids, then they need to be part of the process. Children need reassurance that the transition won’t be as bad as they think. Let them know that moving is a fresh start rather than an end to something they love. Talk about the new home or place and what they can do and explore. Listen to their concerns and answer their questions honestly.

Tour the area and choose the schools and other activities together. It’ll give them a sense of control and ownership while also allowing you to explain why certain choices are necessary. It makes them excited about the move and its possibilities.

4. Pack Early

Start packing all non-essential items early. Doing this gives you plenty of time to sort through what is needed and what to donate or store away. Involve the kids, giving them a sense of control over the choice of what to bring along. Call this decluttering before a move. It’s always a smart decision. The exercise lightens the load you have to move and can also be a teaching opportunity.

Label the items to find essentials in the new home quickly. Decide what you need more. It includes foodstuffs, kids’ clothes, toys, medications, and bedding. Make them easily accessible upon reaching the new house.

5. Give Children the Chance for One Last Special Activity

Take control of your moving day and give your children a chance to do one more special activity in their old home. This could be anything like visiting a playground or having a special meal. It shows that you care and value the memories they have. This gives them closure and helps them accept the changes.

After settling in, try to make the new house feel like a home. Decorate it together or arrange the furniture in a familiar style. Also, choose colors, styles, and decorations that fit the tastes of all family members. It quickly builds an attachment to the home and helps children transition emotionally more quickly.

In order to have a successful move with kids you will need to cover all five of these bases. But it’s not impossible. And in the end, you’ll almost certainly do less work but with a better outcome.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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