5 Ways to Style Modern Interiors

Modern design is all about simplicity and minimalism. Straight lines, sharp angles, and details are reduced to an absolute minimum. Even though modern may appear cold and sterile to some, if you style modern interiors correctly, they have an air of luxury around them that has a distinct appeal to many.

Photo of a modern kitchen full of style

What is more, this is exactly what you need to bring more value to your home when you want to sell it. Whether it’s the atmosphere or the increased value you’re after, here you will learn several practical ways to freshen up your interior design without spending a fortune on the makeover.

Go for Bright and Clean colors

If you want to update your interior design, colors are the answer: choose bright colors with a touch of contrast to achieve a modern feel. Go for whites and greys. Add any high gloss color surface, such as a kitchen worktop, creates a new energy for the space.

Replace or renovate your multicolored details with a single-colored finish. If you prefer more vivid colors, turn to lime yellow or bright mint surfaces to achieve the desired outcome.

Be aware that bold colors are more appropriate for a mid-century design, yet in the right setting, they can still add a tad extravagant flavor. Most importantly, use uniform color tones and no more than 3 (4 max) colors per room.

Lights Up!

Photo of modern living room with abundant overhead lighting

Light and shadow can make a huge impact, not only on the style of the room but on your mood as well. As mentioned before, brightness is one of the keys to modernity, so naturally, this applies to lighting.

Rearrange your freestanding lamps so that the corners of the room can get more light. Use lampshades in a uniform shape and color. In this case, you can go either for spherical or rectangular shapes, but once you’ve chosen the shape, stick to it throughout the room so you are refreshing.

If you have the proper electric installation, you can also use LED light strips to stylishly embellish your furniture at the edges. Once done right, the effect will be amazing!

The Beauty of Flames Reforged

Photo of a modern bedroom with a fireplace

A fireplace is the centerpiece of a traditional family house, yet many people don’t have the time for the proper maintenance which, in the worst case, renders the hearth useless. Even in such drastic cases, you don’t have to give up on the warmth of flames as there is an abundance of all sorts of electric, gel, and ethanol fireplaces that make for a perfect replacement for the standard log-burning hearth.

These ventless appliances produce almost no odor, smoke, and certainly, no ash, which makes their maintenance a breeze compared to cleaning a clogged flue vent. At the same time, you have a choice whether to mount the fireplace seamlessly into your furniture or use your old hearth as a mounting point for a fireplace insert – the easiest way to restore flames to your home.

If interested, learn more about indoor ethanol fireplaces designed for indoors.