Smart Furniture that Makes the Most of Your Space

In recent years, we have seen massive growth in the popularity of small-space living, especially in large, growing cities, as a result of the higher cost of housing space. However, even though you may be one of those living in a small space, this does not mean you must sacrifice the functionality and comfort in your home.

Photo of a storage unit being utilized as a room divider
Certain smart furniture can have dual purposes.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize the space in your home.

Room Dividers

If you have a small space, such as a studio, you could use a room divider in order to increase the functionality of the living space.

The most optimal way of sectioning a living space is to use a room divider that also doubles up as storage space. For example, you could use a bookshelf to divide the room while also helping to tame clutter in the home.

Vertical Storage

You can find some extra storage in your home by looking above cabinets or doors to see if there might be space for a few extra shelves. There might also be some wasted space in your closet, possibly above your clothes rack, which you could convert into storage space.

You can also take advantage of high spots to install wall hooks where you can hang shelves or other suspendable storage solutions.

Concealing Solutions

A small space usually appears smaller when one is able to see everything. To counter this, you can opt for concealing solutions such as curtains or other textiles, which can be made to hang over shelving or across doorways.

Lidded baskets and boxes are also worth considering as a way to hide loose objects. You can also get smart furniture with its own built-in and hidden storage as a way of concealing items you do not want in full view.

Double-duty Solutions

You can make the most of your living space by fitting multiple functions into a room or space in your home. This will, in turn, help your home feel larger.

For example, you can place an office desk against one wall in your dining room so that it serves different functions at different times of the day. Don’t forget you can optimize the space under the stairway by converting it into a wine cellar. Yet another idea is to install open shelving in your kitchen so as to turn it into a library.

Customized Solutions

If you have the DIY spirit, you can easily maximize your living space by building your own furnishings and storage. In doing this, you decide the size of the items that you’re making and ensure they’re in line with the space in which they are intended to fit. This is ideal if you have a few tight or oddly shaped spaces that you are looking to use.

Living in a small space does not have to be uncomfortable or cluttered. By implementing a few clever ideas, you can maximize your space and make it much more functional and livable, thus making your home a great place to live in.