5 Ways to Turn Your New House into a Home

Moving to a new house from an already comfortable and homely environment is probably one of the most difficult things to do. The second might be adjusting to the very same, new house. Following are five ways in which you can turn your new house into a home.

Photo of some fun lighting

1. Lighting Up

Moving a house can cause a great deal of anxiety as well as homesickness. To cope with it you can light up your house either like the previous one to reduce the homesickness or you can use bulbs of various soothing colors.

Bulbs and tube lights are not too expensive and can alter your ambiance to great extents. The market has a variety of customized LED bulbs available at cheap rates too.

Research proves how colors of different wavelengths affect the body differently. For example, they stimulate the release of hormones such as melanopsin—a hormone responsible for the regulation of circadian rhythm and control of adrenal stress responses. In simpler words, light can benefit your sleep cycle, too!

Warmer shades are more comfortable to the eye and hence are relaxing. Green has proven to cause an increase in wakefulness. Customized LED bulbs are designed to lessen blue light resulting in a significant increase in the release of sleep-inducing hormones.

So, if you cannot sleep in your new house it’s time to invest in some colorful light bulbs.

2. TV Lounge

The TV room is the part of the house where most memories are made. (Because most people love being glued to our TVs). A TV set with a couch literally always feels like home no matter where we are. Setting up a TV lounge with a number of sofas and cushions is very important so it should be done with effort and love. Take your time to pick out the perfect cushions to create a snug ambiance.

Once you’ve chosen the right place for your TV, arrange your couches in a fashion that allows everyone to watch the TV and also communicate by looking at each other for a friendly family environment. Add a small table in the center (you could even make one yourself) and place snacks there to enhance the overall TV lounge experience.

Tip: If it’s cold, bring out your blankets and sleep on sofas after watching movies all night. It is always a delight!

3. Wall Paint

Just like lights of different colors, wall paints (or wallpaper) can also leave positive or negative effects on the mind and body. A house you have just moved to looks like somebody else’s place. But once you get the walls painted you will start to realize how important wall paints have been all along.

This is your chance to actually use that color you have been dying to try in your bedroom but never had the time to. Experiment with colors, paint each wall in a different color, match it with your favorite sweater or your room slippers, and just basically do anything that makes you feel like it’s your home.

There are various interior designers who will help you pick a nice color or two that might also positively affect your mood but you can always stick to the colors you had in your previous home.

Drawing on walls like an 8-year-old is another way to just go on and make a four-walled building your home but if you want a rather decent setting, you can get your walls textured.

Tip: Watch YouTube videos on how to paint your home and save money. It can also turn out to be a fun activity in the new neighborhood.

4. Greens!

Photo of some indoor house plants in bottles

One word: Greens!

Other than a pet animal, keeping plants is a very engaging habit and makes one feel like a parent. Houseplants and small vegetation demand your time and love. Where you were previously only sleeping and eating, you now have a home where you have a living thing to take care of. The type of plants you choose acclimatizes you to your new house.

Moving to a new house can also be difficult in terms of finding things to do. Start by keeping a small plant and then add more to your collection if you feel like it. Kitchen gardening is a beautiful way to fall in love with your home. Apart from an activity that keeps you busy interior landscaping exerts positive effects on your mind and body.

Researches show that plants reduce stress and create a productive environment. Being the prime source of environmental oxygen, plants improve air quality and are useful in fighting the modern phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Once you get used to your plant you can always start adorning your home with fragrant flowers.

5. Hanging Photographs and Art

Most of us find it difficult to let go of belongings because of the emotional value attached to them. We are hoarders of memories and like to cling to things that remind us of the past. When moving to a new house, make sure you don’t leave behind the things that are too heavy or space-occupying to carry but also too loved to just leave behind.

You can style literally anything and hang it on your walls. Photographs are a first, obviously. Pictures of your parents, friends, and other dear ones will make you smile every time you look at them and will reduce stress.

As far as other belongings are concerned, you can turn them into art and decorate your home with them, too. The $10 bill from your first payment can be put into a DIY frame and hung in the sitting area. You can even cut small pieces from your favorite t-shirts before getting rid of them and stitch them to create a little mosaic that can be framed.

For a more contemporary setting, invest in art. Keeping your aesthetic in mind, adorn the empty walls with it and watch your new house slowly turn into your home.

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