6 Cool Things To Sew For Your Home

Your home is a canvas for your sewing projects and is a great gallery to fill with personal items. Here are a few ideas for cool things to sew. They actually have a practical function for you and your home. And they could also become cherished family heirlooms.

Photo of bedroom with great curtains

Some of the ideas are more involved than others. They can be scaled up or down in difficulty for new or experienced sewers. Fortunately, if you are a new sewer, finding a sewing machine does not need to be expensive. Here is a list of inexpensive sewing machines to help you start your sewing journey.

1. A Classic Quilt

A quilt is a classic centerpiece in your home. It’s perfect for keeping warm in winter or decorating a bedroom. This project is a long-term venture, collecting fabric, cutting out panels, and assembling the entire fabric can be time-consuming. If you are looking for a project where you can do a small, achievable amount every day, then the quilt will keep you occupied and help you build an everyday sewing habit.

Plus, the quilt is a great material-saver. If you have fabrics such as old clothes or bed linen that you might otherwise throw out, a quilt is a perfect way to give those materials a new life. A quilt made of previously loved fabrics is full of memories and a sentimental piece.

2. Fabric Bins for All Purposes

Fabric bins not only look great, but they also hide and organize clutter. There are a few different ways to go about making a fabric bin:

  • they can be made from squares of fabric, or;
  • assembled using folding techniques from one large piece of fabric.

Fabric bins are easy to scale up and down to fit a specific place, such as on a desk, a shelf or in a drawer.

3. Window Coverings

If you are redesigning a room, then making your own window shades might be perfect for you. Curtains or window shades are great to add pops of color or coordinating with your room’s wallpaper. Use these tips for choosing the perfect wallpaper to help with your material choices for your window shades.

Shades seem complicated because there is a moving mechanism, but once you have managed one, the rest are more straightforward. Making your own window shade can be perfect if you have an awkwardly placed window or a window that is an unusual shape. If you are using a simple fabric (such as a solid color), an elegant way of adding interest to your shade is with plain ribbon trim.

4. The Functional Laptop Case

I bet you haven’t thought of these cool things to sew, how about a laptop case? This is a fairly straightforward sewing project that’s ultra-functional and put a creative twist on your techno-self. These expensive devices need protection outside the home but also inside the home from normal wear and tear. If you have large art books that need protecting, you might sew covers for them too. It’s basically the same concept.

5. A Table Runner for All Seasons

A table runner is a simple way to add a zing of color to any dining centerpiece that is still small enough to pop in the washing machine. For a versatile runner, make it reversible so that you can go from summer to winter simply by reversing the fabric.

The main challenge for a table runner is getting a perfectly straight seam. It needs to line up with the table edges. Check out this tutorial for tips on how to sew a perfect seam. You can also add fun details to the edges, such as tassels or fringes.

6. Cushion Covers

Making your own cushion covers make for a completely unique touch in your living room. Either go for a simple closing mechanism, such as an envelope-style cover which requires no extra pieces or, if you are testing your skills, add a zipper or buttons. These look beautiful and can also be embroidered or decorated with pom-poms or frills for variety.

So, dust off the sewing machine and put those fabrics that have been sitting idle to good use. There are far more than just six cool things to sew but you get the idea. Creating decorations for your home is a rewarding pastime. Every time you look at your creations, it’s a reminder of how your efforts saved money while making a piece that functions well in your home.