6 Great Ways to Improve Parking Lot Safety

As a commercial business owner, you understand that providing excellent customer service is essential to compete in any market. While most people think this refers to the products and services, there are some “must-have” items on this list, such as customers’ safety. If needed, you might need to improve parking lot safety. We’ll show you how!

Overhead photo of a commercial parking lot
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A parking spot is where customers and employees temporarily keep their vehicles while doing business. However, the space can be dangerous if you don’t maintain it regularly. Damage to vehicles, pedestrian injury, and theft are risks you don’t want to experience. Here’s how to improve parking lot safety and prevent casualties. 

1. Invest In Good Lighting 

A well-lit parking lot is important for pedestrians and drivers to see during movement in the park. It also makes security cameras more effective in capturing all ground activities. Good illumination also makes driving easier and reduces the chances of theft and robbery. 

Invest in unbreakable steel light poles with LED floodlights to improve parking lot safety. By getting moisture-resistant light shield boxes, you protect the LED light bulbs against weather insults like rain and snow. It is best to position the security lights directly on the lot to improve its safety.

Furthermore, purchase photocell lights for nights. When the sun rises or sets, parking lot security is vulnerable as car headlights and LED lights can blind CCTV cameras. To solve this, position the cameras in different directions and use photocell lights because they work better when light shines on them.

2. Invest In Parking Lot Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is an important way to improve parking lot safety. Updating your commercial space might mean renovating your parking lot.

While purchasing security cameras and LED lights are great for security, maintenance keeps the standard going in the long term.  For example, you may need to replace an old light bulb, clean the lot, repaint the parking lot striping to ensure driver safety, etc. If you’re looking for professional line striping services you can contact Infinity Asphalt, they can help you enhance the safety and appearance of your parking lot.

Proper lot maintenance prevents accidents from unnoticed asphalt cracks, worn-out stripes, and surface deterioration. Because of this, criminals are less motivated to commit crimes against employees or customers. 

In the end, you should invest in parking lot maintenance using reputable companies like Enterprise Commercial Paving. They are an excellent business offering parking lot striping and maintenance services like fire lanes, traffic control markings, fire lane curbing, and lots more. 

3. Mount Security Cameras 

Another crucial step in improving parking lot security is using CCTV and video surveillance cameras. With these security systems, your trained employees can track the activities on the lot in real time. 

The security cameras relay photos and video to a remote monitoring screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to CCTV cameras, you can also capture illegal conduct before it occurs. With the information, you can summon the police after evidence of a prospective crime scene. 

Installing Voice-Activated Security Sound systems is another approach to improving parking lot safety. Sound systems are an excellent alternative because surveillance cameras may not cover all areas. However, individuals can quickly contact mobile security patrol using their voice with VASS.

Other ways to notify security of activity on your property include motion detectors. These motion sensors will alarm immediately after infrared heat builds in a specific region. This method is essential to avoid false alerts from VASS. 

4. Hire Security Patrols 

One common way to make parking lots safer is to employ security professionals to do random checks. You should send caught criminals to the police. On-site or mobile patrols may dramatically increase parking facility security. Increasing the efficiency of your security guards is as simple as ensuring they have the proper training and resources.

5. Panic Buttons 

Panic buttons you can mount on light fixture poles provide security to drivers in parking lots and garages at any time of day or night. It allows anyone to alert security personnel and those around that someone is in danger and needs help quickly by pressing the panic button. Individuals experiencing a medical emergency might also benefit from using the panic buttons.

6. Put Directional Signage

People who use commercial parking garages sometimes rush to their destination in time for an appointment. While driving, they don’t think about locking their doors, keeping an eye out for their surroundings, or bringing valuables along instead of leaving them in the car. You can significantly improve parking lot security by posting “reminder” signs everywhere.

A reminder to slow down, drive cautiously, and park only in authorized places will assist drivers in doing the right and safe thing. Directional signage with arrows leading to panic buttons, exits, emergency phones, and other helpful objects will also increase parking lot safety.

The Bottom Line

A well-designed parking garage is an excellent way to welcome customers for business transactions. However, improving its safety requires purchasing security cameras, bright light bulbs, hiring patrol, and proper maintenance. Remember that your parking lot striping may fade, causing drivers to park wrongly. Asphalt degradation and dirt and debris can also contribute to damage to vehicles. Solve all these problems by investing in parking lot maintenance.

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