6 Ways Storage Makes Home Renovations Easier

When you think about an upcoming home renovation, several stress-causing factors probably come to mind. First off, they can be expensive. Then there’s the mess. Plus, all the work that needs to be done! If there’s a renovation coming your way, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you 12 ways that storage makes home renovations stress-free. Let’s get started!

Photo of a woman carrying a cardboard box on moving day
Storing some items before a home renovation is important to keep them from getting damaged or even destroyed.

1. It’s Easier to Get the Job Done

Many homeowners struggle with common renovation issues, which is why many of them are reluctant when they’re about to start a project. When there are not so many items in the house, it’s easier for painters, plumbers, and electricians to do their job. Removing the furniture, decorations, and other pieces will make more space in the house and make it much easier to maneuver all the tools and do the project. This significantly reduces stress, too. You won’t have to worry about the quality of their services but also about potential damage to your belongings.

Photo of some house plans along with tools workers will use to do home renovations
Home plans outline exactly what work is being done and where.

2. You Won’t Spend Too Much Time Cleaning

Once you remove the items from the renovation site, they’re protected from dirt and dust. This surely minimizes the time you’ll spend cleaning afterward. You’ll have to clean the rooms, but the items will be sparkly clean. And if there’s any way to avoid dust getting into textiles, holes, and other furniture parts, be sure to do it. Removing furniture and other belongings to storage is a secure way to keep them dust-free.

3. Lessens the Risk of Damage

This is one of the key ways that storage makes home renovations better. Nothing will likely cause more stress than accidental damage to your favorite piece of furniture. Certain items are difficult to repair, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Experts at fairfaxtransfer.com suggest you always trust professionals if there are some delicate or valuable pieces you need to remove to storage and back to your home. Handling such items requires extra care, so be sure to insist on skilled experts only. And remember, having an expert help you is another way of reducing stress during a home renovation.

Photo of an overhead view of paint cans resting on a tile floor
Paint stains, dust, and dirt – storage can make home renovation stress-free by protecting your items from all those hazards.

4. Organization

Scattered items all around the house lead to chaos, confusion, and stress. That’s why if you pack in an organized, efficient way, you’ll make the post-renovation period much more manageable. It’s much better if your items are well-organized in labeled boxes than having a mess in every room of your home. This way, it won’t take long to put everything back in its place once the work is all finished.

5. Security

During the renovation, your home will be open to strangers, which can raise some security issues and cause you stress. Choosing safe storage will give you peace of mind, knowing your belongings are protected until your home is ready to move in again. In more significant renovation projects, many people will come to your house, and many of them you probably haven’t seen before. It’s understandable why some homeowners feel extra protective over their valuables in those moments – and getting storage is a perfect way to solve that issue. You’ll be the only one who can access all the items, and you’ll feel a lot more peaceful.

6. You Won’t Bother Friends and Family

Very often, homeowners decide to trust their friends or family to keep their valuables. This creates a feeling of dependency but also the guilt of having to bother them and make their living space. If you get a storage unit that fits your needs, you won’t have to worry about such issues. Your items will be secure without asking other people to help you out.

Photo of a room about to be painted with a ladder, rollers, drop clothes, paint cans, brushes
Here’s something we all know, a clear space is much easier to renovate.

5 Keys to Prepare Items for Storage

Yes, storage can make home renovations stress-free, but only if you do this right. Not packing your items well can lead to damage which can create an even more stressful situation. That’s why we share some valuable tips on preparing and packing your items for storage in order to ensure everything remains intact.

1. Use the Right Sized Boxes

If you take large boxes and fill them in with many pieces, you risk damaging the items inside. It’s better to get boxes of different sizes and adjust them to the pieces you’re packing. A general rule is not to overpack the boxes for easier handling and maximum security. If you keep the original packaging of certain items, such as electronics – it’s the safest way to pack those items for storage.

2. Label Everything

Labeling each box can mean the world once you start unpacking. Write what’s inside each box and the room that the box should go to. This is particularly helpful if you’re doing large-scale renovations involving multiple house rooms. Also, if you hire movers to help you transport the items, they’ll know where each box should go and handle the boxes with care if they’re labeled ‘fragile.’

3. Keep Small Parts Secure

Home décor and pieces that include smaller parts are easiest to lose in the process. So it’s best to pack home décor for storage. If an item contains smaller parts, be sure to remove all pieces beforehand and keep them in secure plastic bags or smaller boxes. Also, don’t forget to label where each part goes, so it’s easier to put everything back.

4. Create an Inventory List

If you have an inventory list of items you put in storage, it will be easier to find certain things even after a while. Also, this list is proof of what’s inside the unit in case something bad happens, or some items get lost. However, if you do the research and get a unit from a trustworthy storage company, you probably don’t have to worry about that.

5. Plan Everything Ahead of Time

I suppose this one could come first. But we’ll put it here so you don’t forget it. Having storage makes home renovations easier but the most crucial factor is you. You can make any project a breeze with proper planning, organization, and a positive attitude. Surely, every job around the house is unpredictable, and it’s okay if certain issues appear. If you’re ready for what’s coming, you can expect a successful renovation that will make your home look amazing without losing your nerves.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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