Getting A Puppy? Here Are 7 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Taking the plunge and joining the exciting and rewarding world of dog ownership? No doubt you must have been planning this for some time (or even years). Puppies are absolutely adorable! But here’s the thing, the first couple of weeks are hard on you and your home. So how do you puppy-proof your home?

Photo of a cute puppy - Getting A Puppy? Here Are 7 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your Home
Photo by Rutpratheep Nilpechr

7 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your Home

When caring for your pup, you’d want to arm yourself with an ID tag, a leash, and every adorable chew toy any puppy would want. But is your home pup ready? Do you know what you need to do to keep your newest family member safe and sound?

If not, keep scrolling to discover some of the simplest but most effective puppy-proofing tips.

1. Keep Your Plants Elevated

Like babies, puppies love exploring by nibbling on everything. Your Sago palm plant might seem innocent, but it can be toxic to dogs, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, or even organ failure. So, before bringing a new pup into your home, check out ASPCA Animal Poison Control’s list to see what plants you need to keep away from your baby.

2. Cords & Puppies Are a ‘No-No’

Electrical cords are like the chewable of all chewable to a pup. However, it is nearly impossible to avoid using cords in your home. So, protect your new baby from any accidental shocks or burns to the mouth by investing in sturdy cord covers, spiral cable wraps, or PVC pipes.

Of course, young pups need to be constantly supervised when not kept in a crate or playpen, but offering them plenty of chew toys will help give your dog a better outlet for their chewing habits.

3. Create a Cleaning Supplies & Drug-Free Zone

Pills and cleaning supplies are the most popular source of poisoning for pets every year, so be sure to keep your meds safely stored in a secure cabinet or drawer. You should also keep pet medication separately and always dispense pills or liquids over a sink in case of spillage.

As for your cleaning supplies, bathroom sinks, and under-the-kitchen cabinets are not ideal storage spaces. If possible, relocate your detergent and bleach to a higher spot so that your pup cannot reach them. If you do not have space, cabinet locks are a perfect alternative.

4. Wrap Up Your Trash

Trash bins are meccas of exciting smells to a super-inquisitive pup’s nose. Therefore, puppy-proof your home by keeping them covered and secure 24/7.

Left to their own devices, puppies can consume toxic substances, and swallow objects like razors or bones, which could cause obstructions. Getting their heads stuck in plastic bags is another concern that places them at risk of suffocation.

5. Educate Yourself on Proper Puppy Food

Selecting the proper dog food should not be a decision made on a wimp or on the way home with your new pup. Puppy nutrition is almost as complex as human nutrition, and the range of options is massive.

Therefore, go for the highest quality food you can buy, and be sure to feed them at least three times a day. Underfeeding your pup is the worst mistake you can make since they require adequate food to grow well and strong.

If you have no clue what suits your pup best, ask your vet for recommendations – they are the experts!

Note: Chocolate, avocado, garlic, and onions are toxic foods. Before bringing a new puppy home, make sure to go over the ASPCA’s guidelines for dog-appropriate foods.

6. Fence Your Yard

When you want to puppy-proof your home, you will almost certainly need to give some attention to your home’s yard. If you want to keep your little furry friend contained, make sure to check out our fence installation guide to get a dog-proof fence (preferably one over 10 feet tall) so that your new BFF cannot jump over or dig beneath.

If you do not have pet-friendly housing, a puppy playpen or crate is ideal for keeping your pets safe and contained while providing them room to exercise and play freely.

Most trainers recommend using a crate at night or when you’re at work. If you need your pup to play around, a playpen offers them room to jump around while keeping them out of danger.

7. Get Some Dog-Proof Furniture, Rugs & Carpets

If you are big on aesthetics, you need to dog-proof your home with pet-friendly couches, carpets, and rugs. You can buy ones with tiny patterns or the same color as your dog.

You might also want to purchase rugs meant for the outdoors to use indoors for several reasons; these rugs are more durable and relatively easier to clean. Does your new puppy tend to drag in debris and shed fur on your couches? Here, invest in easy-to-use and versatile vacuum cleaners for such cleaning needs.

You can also invest in dog-proof couch covers – that way, your chummy BFF can cozy up on the sofa all they want without worrying about them damaging it.

Make Your Home a Safe Space for Your Puppy

Having a new, loving, and super lively puppy at home can be an exciting and special experience. If you want to keep your new BFF safe, following these tips to puppy-proof your home will mean you can enjoy each other’s company for years.