Agent Tips for Better Marketing

Even though I wish Claudia Wicks wouldn’t have broken her article up into four pieces she does present some valuable information for Agents new and old.

Are visitors to your Website lost or engaged?
Are visitors to your Website lost or engaged?

Her #3 point—”Failing to Follow Up on Leads”—certainly is a problem solved by an easy solution. Every lead should be categorized and then pursued in order of value. Don’t let the Tyranny of the Urgent dictate which tasks you decide to attack first.

I also believe “Not Knowing What You Get for Your Money” is an important concept to consider. Too many agents these days feel that just because a co-worker put up a bus stop sign, they should too.

Every marketing activity should be attached to a measurable goal. If it’s not, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. A measurable goal could be number of leads, number of new contacts, number of downloads, deals, all the way to revenue dollars.

Like any business, objectives should be quantifiable regularly assessed then modified. If you follow even a few of Ms. Wicks’s tips, I’m sure you will realize more successful marketing results.