How to Sell Your Home in One Week

Did that headline grab you? It should! And it’s not an empty promise either. Our current real estate market in Louisville is hot, hot, hot!

Photo of home in Little Spring Farm, Louisville KY
Utilize these 5 key strategies and you will be looking for your next place in one short week.

How to Sell Your Home in One Week

But not every home sells in the first week. In fact, the average Days on Market for homes sold in April 2016 was 76. Not what you expected? I’ll explain how you can beat that trend by taking advantage of these five key strategies that will help you sell your home in one week.

1. Aggressive Sales Price

Numbers one and two in this list are by far the most important. Each particular buyer will determine which one they value more but be assured, having an aggressive sales price is essential to a quick sale.

Don’t waste time trying to shoot for the moon with a higher-than-market value sales price. Almost all buyers will have professional representation. Their agents will check the comps to see what homes are selling for so price it right and you’re in the game!

2. Picture Perfect

Certain home buyers will put this at the very top of their list! You can’t change your home’s location but you can make sure that your home is move-in ready, looking like something straight out of a magazine.

A professional staging company will only enhance your home’s appearance. Do this before taking photos and then all your marketing materials can take advantage of those amazing photos.

3. Expert Digital Marketing

Here’s where your Realtor can really shine. Buyers are everywhere these days, but especially online. Your MLS is merely step one, what about all the other real estate websites? You better make sure your home’s listing is on all the most important websites.

What about social media? You never know where your buyer will come from. With all the ways to promote your home in today’s digital age, why leave any of them out? Get the word about your amazing home out to as many people as possible with expert digital marketing.

4. Accommodate all Potential Buyers

Life is hectic, people are busy. If a potential buyer wants to see your home during the big game, you should let them! Selling your home fast means accommodating the buyer’s seemingly crazy requests.

If they want to bring their parents back to see your place? Early or late, the answer is always, “Yes!”

5. Incentives Beat Competition

Even though we’re currently experiencing a seller’s market, it doesn’t mean every home is selling, or even selling quickly. Do you want to sell your home in one week? Consider offering cash incentives like money towards the buyer’s closing costs or HOA dues.

Want extra promotion from agents in your area? Offer an additional $1000 to any buyer’s agent who can get your home under contract by the end of the month. You’ll be surprised by the additional attention your home will receive.

Want to know how to sell your home in one week? Follow all five of these key strategies and you’ll be housing hunting for your next place before you know it.