The Art of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

If someone is house shopping during the holiday season, they likely need to move soon. And they may be in a hurry to secure a deal in time to get the tax benefit.

Photo: Selling Your Home During the Holidays
The holiday season offers unique opportunities for selling your home.

The winter market is different from spring and summer, but with a little preparation, you can take advantage of the opportunities for selling your home during the holidays.

Price Your Home for a Winter Market: Price to Sell

In a spring or summer market, you might list low if you expect bidding wars to drive up the selling price. Or, you might list high, if you anticipate negotiations.

Holiday home sales require a different approach.

If the market is slow (and it very likely will be), list your home at market value so you’ll attract reasonable buyers. Check other homes currently on the market to see what who you’re up against and use that information to help you decide your selling price.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

With fewer houses on the market, it will be easier for yours to stand out!

What sets your home apart? A fireplace? Solar panels? A Smart thermostat system? Whatever it is, make sure potential buyers know your unique features by emphasizing them in your marketing.

Optimize Your Online Listing

Online listings are always important, but it’s increasingly important during winter. Why? Because you want to cast your net as wide as possible and holiday buyers may relocate from out of state. Make sure a stellar online listing is part of your marketing plan.

Also, if your landscaping doesn’t look as bright during the winter months, you can use photos from different seasons to give more information and draw the visitor into this home.

Staging Techniques: Go for Cozy

Create a warm, welcoming feel for the holidays to make potential buyers feel all the sentiments they need to choose your home.

This may involve choosing generic décor for holiday home staging. This doesn’t mean you have to hide the Christmas tree, but make sure your home welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Don’t Skip the Upkeep or Repairs

It’s always important to address upkeep before putting your home on the market. In winter, it’s especially important because buyers don’t want to worry about home repairs before they move in during the holidays.

Even if you live in an area with mild winters, make sure you’ve done any necessary winterizing – clean gutters, keep up with landscaping and fix leaks.

Keep an Open Schedule for Buyers to Visit Your Home

Selling your home during the holidays means buyers are motivated, keep in mind there will be fewer buyers out shopping the market. Be flexible with your schedule to make it easy for these buyers to view your home.

All buyers (and sellers) dream of a simple sales process. Making it easy for potential buyers to view your home is the first step in creating a simple process.

Thinking about putting your home on the market this winter? Contact us to get the process started.