Relocating for Work: 9 Practicalities You Need to Consider

Moving to a new job can be an exciting prospect. It is essential to go into the process with your eyes open and make the decision for the right reasons. But make sure you look at relocating for work from all angles. And be prepared for some major changes to your life.  

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If you have doubts, it is best to be cautious. Consider what you will be leaving behind and whether the move is worth the disruption.  

Discuss the Move with Your Family  

If you have a partner and children, it is essential to discuss the move with them. Be open to ideas and feedback, and bear in mind that moving will impact them. If they have doubts, see what you can do to make the move more appealing or talk to your employer about the possibility of remote working.  

Be Certain the Job Is a Good Match 

Do extensive research and be sure that the job you are moving for is right for you. Look into the company culture and values to ensure that it is a good fit.  Buying a new home in a new city is big deal; you want to be positive it’s a great fit.

Consider the Weather  

Find out what the climate is like in your destination state. If you struggle to cope with extreme weather, you should be cautious about moving to certain areas. Bear in mind that you may need to invest in a new wardrobe to suit your location.  

Request Relocation Funding 

Talk to your employer about helping fund your move. Just because you’re relocating for work doesn’t mean your employer will automatically cover the costs. Some companies do offer relocation expenses to help with the cost of flights, moving belongings, and more. Make sure to discuss the options with them and if they are unwilling to help with your relocation, consider how you will fund your move.  

Find Out If You Can Buy Property 

You should ensure that you can afford to buy a property in your destination state. Do research into the housing market and find out what kind of property you could afford. Use tools like this mortgage calculator from The Home Loan Expert to get an accurate picture of what you can afford.  

Explore the Cost of Living 

The cost of living varies significantly from state to state. Find out how much the cost of groceries, utilities, and socializing will be in your destination. Decide if the salary you can expect is worth any additional cost of living. Choose your housing location carefully to get the best value for money.  

Find Ways to Make New Friends 

Look into clubs or organizations that can allow you to make new friends. Moving to a new state can be lonely, so have a plan on how to make new friends. You should engage with work social events to foster friendships with your coworkers.  

Research Locations 

Look into all areas in the state you are moving to. Choose a place that is easy commuting distance. Weigh up the pros and cons of each area.  

Consider Temporary Accommodation First 

Anyone who is relocating for work will almost always be unfamiliar with the new city. That’s ok! Take your time and move into short-term housing to give yourself time to find your feet. Choose a spot near one of the neighborhoods you are considering living in to get a feel for the community.  

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