Best Home PEMF Devices in 2022

Taking medication might not be the best alternative when you’re suffering from acute symptoms of a recent injury. If you’re not aware, there’s a new, non-drug alternative treatment that uses PEMF devices. It has the potential to be very helpful in relieving your injury troubles.

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For those that are foreign to PEMF therapy, it is a great alternative. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. By using a highly specialized magnetic device, you direct small amounts of energy forward toward a specific area of your body.

Studies have also shown that this type of treatment can aid in the reduction of chronic inflammation and pain. Of course, regular exercise is always great too!

Verify our list of the top five PEMF therapy devices if you’ve had stimulated electromagnetic field therapy and want to have a tool to help you produce the same results.

What is PEMF therapy and how does it work?

PEMF therapy uses a specialized magnetic device to instruct an amount of energy toward a specific area of the body. This type of therapy has historically been shown to treat both acute and chronic pain. It may, however, aid in the reduction of inflammatory response.

PEMF therapy is thought to increase your body’s power to extract nitric oxide, which enhances circulation and cellular function. Following an injury, nitric oxide update is a prevalent healing mechanism that may decrease inflammation. 

While electromagnetic therapies appear to be efficacious in the management of pain, it is uncertain whether they would provide long-term advantages. According to Trusted Source, more research is needed to fully understand their potential advantages.

As a consequence, your doctor may also recommend PEMF therapy in addition to other alternative treatments for your situation instead of as a stand-alone therapeutic intervention option.

Best Home Pemf Devices

Verify our majority of the top PEMF therapy devices if you’ve had stimulated electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and want to have a tool that helps you achieve the same effect.

  • OMI Full Body Mat
  • DC Cure PEMF Therapeutic Device
  • BioBalance PEMF
  • OMI Minimat
  • OMI Pulsepad

Read on to learn more about the specifics of each device.

OMI Full Body Mat

If you need a full-body solution, the OMI full-body mat is a good option. Because of its 65-inch length, the therapy’s impact is produced all across your body — in real time.

The OMI full-body mat was designed to aid in the relief of muscle and joint pain. You can increase the occurrence from 1 to 99 Hertz based on what you believe is best for their condition.

DC Cure PEMF Therapeutic Device

As you’re aware, I am on the subject. Lower back pain is a major ailment that can result in the development of work, way of life or injuries placed above a white time. This portable PEMF device can be used in combination with other therapies to easily differentiate this pain.

BioBalance PEMF

If you just want a high-quality gadget that isn’t too dissimilar to what a doctor might well suggest, this really is the guy to see. The BioBalance PEMF has two intensity settings, low and medium, as well as a frequency band of 300 to 1,000 Hz.

OMI Minimat

The final but not the smallest device on our list is another OMI product. It was designed to be used while sitting in a chair, so you can’t lie down during the process. The frequency range of this device is 1 to 99 Hz.

Bonus: Sentient Element is one of the portable PEMF devices with a frequency range of 7 – 10,000 Hz.

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