Best Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Real Estate Market

Whether you’re thinking about relocating or it’s time to move, investing some time into your home’s appearance will definitely pay off. These are the top ideas to make your home stand out in the real estate market. If you’re selling your home and need some expert advice, here are four ways that sellers can add some serious wow factor to your abode.

Photo of a real estate sign with sale pending
Image by danielmoyle

Stage the House

Stand out and sell your home fast with just a few staging tips. First, clear away all the clutter. Leave a few personal items out to give your home the warmth of a lived-in feel, but purge everything unnecessary. Use temporary offsite storage, and whoopee — half of your stuff is already packed.

Focus your strategies on the dining table and the master bedroom. The table is often left bare and uninviting. Jazz it up with a contemporary runner and a small arrangement of fresh flowers. A glorious master bedroom tops most buyers’ wish-list. Your goal is to create a warm and homey feel, so paint this room in relaxing shades of blue and soft greens.

Improve Curb Appeal

Add some pizzazz to your home’s curb appeal with a relatively small investment. Paint your front door an inviting color, like red or dark green, and stage a few potted plants near the entrance. Update your exterior lighting fixtures for a welcoming glow. It’s easy, and most novice DIYers have done it.

Groomed garden beds and freshly trimmed shrubs tell potential buyers that your home is well-loved. A quick wash-down with the hose blasts dirt and debris from your siding, while sealing your driveway is a budget-friendly way to add some visual pop.

Simple things like mowing the lawn and sweeping leaves off the porch make a lasting impression. Stowaway garbage containers, bikes, and lawn equipment, and your home will stand out from other neighborhood listings.

Have Your Home Inspected

You know an inspection is imminent in the mortgaging process, so get ahead of the game. Armed with an expert HVAC inspection before your listing hits the MLS will make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. Schedule any preventative maintenance or needed upgrades now, such as calibrating air distribution components or installing a new smart thermostat.

Both you and the new owners will benefit from lower energy bills, and an inspection will safeguard against any repairs. The last thing you want is a costly HVAC service bill just before closing.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Before showing the house, don’t skimp and have it professionally cleaned. It’s not a reflection on your housekeeping skills; it’s a smart strategy that will help you sell your home. You wouldn’t list your house without a professional agent, and you probably won’t be as detail-oriented as an expert when it comes down to elbow grease.

A one-time deep cleaning gets into every nook and cranny of a sparkling home — including the windows. Once they’re done all you need to do is a quick wipe down before showings while your house is up for sale.

We hope these ideas to make your home stand out will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar. You’ll be loading up the U-Haul in no time.