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How to Better Secure Your Louisville Home

Recently, there’s been a rise in home break-ins across the US, especially given the increasing use of bump keys that can dismantle a simple door lock. But it’s not just door locks that are vulnerable. There are windows, rooftops, and other sneaky ways that thieves find to break into a home.

Photo of a secure front door
The first step to securing your Louisville home begins with the front door.

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What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Your home is susceptible to a wet basement at any time in the year. This can lead to mold growth, which is harmful to your and your family’s health; and can even lead to structural damage to your home. In this piece, we’ll look at what causes foundation cracks and what you can to do correct the problems.

Photo of a crack in the driveway
All concrete will crack… eventually.

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Keep Your Home In Tip-Top Shape With This Handy Home Maintenance Checklist

Beyond the initial purchase cost of buying a home, there are other regular financial responsibilities for homeowners. Just like an oil change for a vehicle, there are multiple ways to keep your home in shape to avoid future headaches.

Photo of home in great condition due to home maintenance checklist
Having a home maintenance checklist makes life a lot easier and keeps your investment moving higher.

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11 Tips to Winterize Your Home

Buying your home at a low price has the highest potential for you to get big equity gains. But next on the list, is consistently performing the right home maintenance for your house. These 11 tips to winterize your home are timely and very important. Don’t miss out!

Photo of Winter in Kentucky
The cold Winter months are coming. Is your home ready? If not, follow these tips to winterize your home.

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8 Home Improvement Tips to Save Energy & Money

Once you buy a home, there will be constant upgrades to it. Numerous home improvement practices will be implemented. Upgrading your home is an ongoing process that you cannot overlook or avoid. As the name suggests, home improvement enhances several aspects of your home — aesthetic, structural integrity, energy savings, etc. Let us look at some home improvement tips to save energy and also money!

Photo of a homes front door
Replacing an old front door with a brand-new, energy-efficient one will always be a great way to save money and make your home look great in the process.

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11 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall in Louisville

Home improvement covers a wide range of topics. Home maintenance tips do as well! I like to break things up into more digestible snacks rather than overload you with everything under the sun. Today we’re looking at just home maintenance tips for Fall in Louisville. How’s that for specific?!

Photo of gutters that need to be cleaned
Here’s an example of what you don’t want your gutters to look like.

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6 Cheap Home Improvements for Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient on a budget can seem a little tricky. With Energy Star appliances dominating the name in efficiency, you may think you need to replace all your appliances just to better your efficiency. To learn about this and more DIY projects you can tackle, keep reading!

Photo of a ceiling fan
When it comes to cheap home improvements for energy efficiency, adding a new ceiling fan is definitely one to consider.

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Creating a Spa-Worthy Bathroom in Your Master Suite      

Each bathroom in a home holds a different purpose. The guest bathroom should always be neat, clean, and inviting, but also uncluttered. Of course, you want it to look stylish but it should also be functional. Kids’ bathrooms are usually quite whimsical.

Photo of a spa worthy bathroom
Check out this spa-worthy bathroom! Did you see the jetted tub in the reflection?

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5 Mistakes That Are Destroying Our Houses

When you own a house looking after its maintenance is mandatory. Many homeowners make the mistake of not paying attention to signs that tell the health of their condition and end up having to face costly repairs. To keep the maintenance costs down you have to care for preventive maintenance. Let’s look at these common mistakes that are destroying our houses.

Photo of Home in St. Matthews
If you want your home to look this nice for years to come, you need to take good care of it. Read about the five mistakes that some homeowners make and avoid them.

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