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Rate Freeze Possible, Louisville Foreclosures Down

If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage that is expecting to rise next year, you’ll certainly want to check with your lender because news out of Washington says the Bush administration is trying to provide some relief.

Photo of Nice House
What do you think of this Louisville house?

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Louisville Housing: Good News vs. Bad News

There seems to be a never-ending flow of negative news coming from news outlets these days; especially regarding the housing market. True, it’s a tough time for sellers given all the inventory out there. But the “silver lining” is that home values continue to rise in Louisville. That’s certainly good news.

Photo of a reporter in front of a police car
Media outlets spend a large majority of their time covering negative news items, while positive news often goes largely unnoticed.

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Are Solar Homes Coming to Louisville?

Louisville may not be Yuma, Arizona, which leads the nation with a 90% chance of having a sunny day, but we’re ahead of Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati! This is according to the National Climatic Data Center. What constitutes a sunny day anyway? More than 50% of hours with at least some sunshine?

Photo of a university working on solar homes
20 Universities are competing in a solar home building competition

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Louisville Public Schools, A Success Story

Even if you have never considered public education for your children in other parts of the country, you should look at what is offered in the Louisville public school system. It will really surprise you!

Photo of a school bus

Moving to a new home can be an ordeal for any family. The issues that you face while house hunting is compounded even more when it involves school-aged children. Relocating to Louisville may be one of the most difficult transitions because the school system is so complex. The good news is that Louisville offers some pretty amazing educational opportunities. The bad news is that you have to be very well informed in order to make the best choice.


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Louisville’s Buyer Market Continues

While the housing market is showing signs of increasing in terms of the number of transactions, it still remains a strong buyer’s market. What this means is that inventory—the number of homes currently listed—is quite high and that gives buyers more choices. More choices mean more competition for the sale which, in turn, pushes prices down.

New Construction
New construction has been moving higher but will that continue to be the case?

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High Tech Toys Entice Homebuyers in Louisville

There is so much that goes into a home-buying decision. With Homearama 2007 starting in just a few short weeks, I know many people (hey guys… this means you!) are thinking about new home theater options or another cool technology that you might want to incorporate into your home.

Photo of a Home Theater
Home Theater is hot! One of the leading high-tech toys for home buyers.

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