Green Builders Growing in Popularity in Louisville

Energy Star logo

Here’s a nice little article in the CJ that brings more attention to the fact that more and more builders are “going green.” What exactly does that mean? For most, it means building a home that qualifies for the federal government’s Energy Star certification.

While that’s certainly a great start, it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of all that’s possible when building an energy-efficient home. Because technology is constantly improving, it’s important to pick a new home builder who’s current on all the latest developments. From foundations to exterior walls to high-efficiency HVAC and water heaters, there are a large number of variables that factor into your utility bill.

Although the Home Builders Association of Louisville doesn’t currently designate which of their member builders are certified “Green”, I expect them to do so in the future, as public demand for this kind of service is definitely increasing.

If you’re interested in finding this kind of builder, please contact me. I’m happy to help.