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Louisville Housing Market Getting Mixed Signals

S&P and Case-Shiller Indexes since 2000
The Louisville housing market follows Atlanta more closely than the national averages so we didn’t see the marked highs or lows seen in the national index.

The WSJ published this piece today—Home Prices Rise, Yet Confidence Fades—which highlights just how tricky things are in the housing market today. As always, you want to look at home buyers and sellers separately.

For home sellers, the fourth straight month of home value increases is a breath of fresh air after all they’ve been through. Home values are still down from highs that occurred in 2005 and 2006 (depending on the market) but it’s most assuredly a step in the right direction. As prices continue to rise, expect to see more sellers list their homes, especially in the Spring.


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5 Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Please note that I didn’t say it’s a great time to sell. Homes are certainly being sold—almost 1,200 properties have sold in the first two months of the year here in Louisville—it’s just a tougher market to sell right now. The other side of the coin is that it’s a wonderful time to buy.

Photo of a Louisville homes for sale
Louisville homes for sale can be found on a number of websites, but is now the time to buy? | Photo: Tre Pryor

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Louisville Kentucky Real Estate Review of 2008

It seems the popular press today didn’t listen to their parents growing up. I’m sure you’ve heard the instruction, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Apparently, only bad news sells commercial time, newspaper subscriptions, and online ad clicks.


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Louisville Weathers the Housing Crunch; Beats Cincinnati, Indianapolis

My thanks to a reader who thoughtfully sent this in. The Wall St. Journal does certain things very well. One of them is their “handy-dandy” charts. The other is their in-depth analysis. This time with Shrinking Prices, Rising Delinquencies they only batted .500. This was due in large part to the chart not working properly. That’s OK, we’ll forgive them because this piece wasn’t hidden behind a subscriber log-in.


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Louisville House Prices Down 3.6% YTD

While it’s been a tough year for Louisville real estate, at least we can take some solace in knowing our market isn’t behaving like some of those in Florida, California and some other states. But for a city where home appreciation has run 4%-5% annually, any kind of departure from that trend isn’t expected or welcome.


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