Current Interior Design Trends with Wood Furniture

If you’ve recently decided to update the look of your home interiors with some new furniture, you may feel a little out of the loop on what the latest design trends are. Just like any other style, home fashion goes in cycles. Fortunately, the ones for decorating are much longer than the ones for clothing! This piece is about how using the right wood furniture in your interior design is currently on-trend.

Before you commit yourself to an HGTV marathon/study session, read on for a few ideas on what to look for in wood furniture design. You’ll save some hours in front of the TV, and also some time out there in the furniture stores.

Beachy, Casual Looks

If you’ve ever secretly wanted to have your own coastal getaway, you can get the airy and light feel of a beach home with new wood furniture selections. Lighter woods can provide a much-needed compromise between practicality and looks. It’s one thing to sigh with envy over a magazine spread that showcases light fabrics everywhere until you think about the rainy season and your family pets.

Check out softer finishes, weathered painted looks, and woods like Parawood and Pine to bring a fresh look to your home. They’ll mix beautifully with the casual textures of jute, denim, and linen and you’ll feel like you’re just a few steps away from the ocean waves.

Modern Rustic

The vibe of the Northwest is surging into today’s latest rustic looks. If you’re a bit jaded about the bright white looks of the country style that has been so popular in recent years, you’ll be interested in the mix of tones and materials that bring in a little bit of fishing lodge, a touch of stone, and the toughness of leather accents.

Furniture styles reflect the influence by using darker woods and matte finishes. Look for substantial pieces that have a solid feel about them. They have simple lines and a practical appeal that doesn’t come from a lot of detailed wood and ornamentation. Don’t be afraid to add some leather chairs or seat covers to the mix. But stay away from the stereotypical plaids and printed fabrics.

Metal Blends

Industrial’s less serious cousin is a lighter, modern blend of lighter colors and metal that is fresh and versatile. Metal bases and support pieces keep it looking airy, not heavy. This is a great look for smaller spaces and any room that you’d like to keep feeling open and spacious.

Look for pieces that are made of lighter-colored wood with matte finishes. This type of look is a far cry from all the glossy dark woods that have been popular before. Glass inset tops and an open design in the metal keep the light flowing and rooms feeling as large as possible.

Go simple with other decor accents: this furniture style does not play well with heavy curtains, traditionally patterned wallpapers or upholstery fabrics, or tons of frills. Give it room to breathe, and you’ll have a calm oasis in your home.

Tones of the 30s

Do you love to see the wonderful deep tones of Art Deco in old movies and in historic homes? You’ll be glad to know that the look is creeping back into the home design world. Evoking the look isn’t hard to do with the rounded edges and upholstered touches of bedroom sets and other furniture that’s available. Seek out Cherry and Mahogany woods in your pieces, and go ahead and get that sleigh bed you’ve been coveting for so long.

Although the style is evocative of classic Art Deco, the color scheme has shifted a bit. Instead of the more powdery tones of the time, the new look goes for deeper tones. Burgundy, bitter green, and midnight blue can bring this look right to the cutting edge, while still allowing you to mix in your vintage finds.

Feel inspired? The range of wood furniture design trends really does have room for every type of taste and home. The choices have never been more appealing! Look around your own space, think about what makes you happy, and you’re almost certain to feel that one of the new looks will bring a fresh new style into your home.