Energy Efficiency Rises on Home Buyer’s Priority List

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A new article in Business First cites energy efficiency as being “a critical factor” when assessing a home’s affordability.

The Louisville nonprofit group’s 2008 report notes that the average Louisville gas bill has risen to $134.78 in August 2008 from $38.56 in August 1998.

“Louisville and our metro area no longer have the low energy costs of the past decades, yet we live with the legacy of housing construction that relied on low energy costs,” said Cathy Hinko, coalition executive director. “Most of the homes in Louisville were built before insulation became a requirement in the local building code. As we look at the age of homes and concentrations of low-income households, we see that the very people least able to afford high consumption live in homes built without energy efficiency measures.”

While certainly important to lower-income families, energy efficiency and long-term durability should be honestly considered by anyone building a new home. Builders like David Landis (Landis Homes) and Vince Kimbel (Kimbel Construction) are making it a focal point of their business.