Most Expensive Louisville Homes in 2016

During the course of 2016, there were 17,882 properties sold via our MLS system. 15,725 of these were your standard, single-family residences (SRF)… the rest fall under different structural varieties.

Out of this vast array of Louisville real estate properties, just 44 sold for $1,000,000 or more. 34 of these most expensive Louisville homes were SFRs, then 6 farms, 3 condos, and 1 controversial property finally sold via auction.

For this piece, let’s focus on the most incredible homes that traded hands last year. Who’s with me?¬†Want to know which was the most expensive home sold in 2016? Here we go!

Most Expensive Louisville Homes

Let’s count down the Top 10 most expensive Louisville homes sold in 2016 starting with #10.

#10: 2400 Belknap Beach Road

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 2400 Belknap Beach Rd
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Overlooking the Ohio River this gem boasts unparalleled views. Old-fashioned charm in newer construction all for just $1.32 million.

#9: 1320 N Beckley Station Road

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 1320 N Beckley Station Rd
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It’s tough to call a million dollar home a bargain but when you pay $1.4 million for more than 14,000 square feet of finished space that’s what you do call it. Did I mention the 11 acres of property? No? Ok, that’s included as well.

#8: 2110 Forest Pointe Lane

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 2110 Forest Pointe Ln
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In this exclusive little street off Aiken Road, you’ll find some incredible homes like this beautiful house that exchanged hands for $1.45 million in 2016.

#7: 550 Fairfield Drive

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 550 Fairfield Dr
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This estate home in desirable Cherokee Gardens sold in just two days! The sales price was $1.5 million which didn’t seem to stop at least one buyer.

#6: 5607 Harrods Glen Drive

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 5607 Harrods Glen Dr
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Some of the most expensive homes being built today are being built in Harrod’s Glen where each one is a gem. But they do come with a high price tag. This two-year-old home exchanged hands in 2016 for $1.525 million.

#5: 3607 River Ridge Cove

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 3607 River Ridge Cove
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Once you find the River Glen neighborhood off Rose Island Road, you’ll discover some of the most luxurious properties you’ll ever see, including this beauty that sold in 2016 for $1.6 million.

#4: 5408 Farm Ridge Lane

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 5408 Farm Ridge Ln
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This gorgeous home is located on Wolf Pen Branch Road in the Spring Farm neighborhood. Not the largest lot but all the rest of life’s great luxuries can be found in a home like this one, which sold for $1.65 million in July.

#3: 391 Mockingbird Valley Road

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 391 Mockingbird Valley Rd
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Mockingbird Valley is home to some of the most unique, estate homes that you’ll find in the city of Louisville, KY. This beauty was sold last year for $1,787,500 which put it third in our rankings for the year.

#2: 1045 Alta Vista Road

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 1045 Alta Vista Rd
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Built in 1925, but expanded with great care to the home’s character, this stately masterpiece has all the charm you could ask for. Sadly, if you wanted to buy it, you’d need $1.8 million to make that happen.

#1: 4001 Glenarm Rd

Photo of Most Expensive Louisville Homes: 4001 Glenarm Rd
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In a big surprise, our number one most expensive Louisville home’s greatest asset is not the house itself but the 170 acres that came with it. This Oldham County property sold for $2,150,000 in May and you have to guess that it will be the site of residential development in the near future.