Final Walk-through: Your Final Steps Towards Owning Your New Louisville Property

Every homebuyer should take a final walk-through of their soon-to-be new Louisville property before signing the closing papers. This is done to ensure that there has been no new damage to the property. It’s also to ensure that everything that is supposed to be included as part of the transaction is in the home and has not been removed.

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When completing your final walk-through, make sure to cover all the bases, even things you might not have found in the home inspection.

This gives the homebuyer one last chance to make sure that everything is intact. This is your opportunity to verify that everything is a go at your end and that nothing looks different. At this point, if you do see anything that looks different it is your opportunity to point it out and ask questions. Don’t panic if you do notice something awry—usually, there is a very simple explanation for it that makes total sense.

Take a careful walk around the exterior of the house and make sure that the windows, gutters, and foundation all look fine. Walk around the interior as well and test the doors, toilets, lights, and anything else in the house that you can see. Don’t forget to test a garage door or garage door opener, as you are doing your walk around.

This is also your chance to meet your house before you own it. You can take this opportunity to ask for a kind of blessing if you are religious. Get things off to a great start!

This is really an exciting time for you. This is your last time walking into the house as a guest. The next time you enter the home it will be as the new owner. Enjoy this final walk around and take in the significance of being in the home this one last time as the potential buyer. Soon it will be your new Louisville property.

Once you have determined that everything is in place, as it should be, and in proper working order, you can go ahead and sign all of the closing papers feeling more confident. This final walk-through gives you the certainty you need to put pen to paper and own this new Louisville property. It also gives you clarity and the peace of mind of knowing that you have made the right decision and feel good about acquiring your new home.