Finding a Trustworthy Louisville Realtor isn’t so tough

After completing a real estate transaction, I ask my clients to complete a Feedback Form. Yeah, yeah, I hear you. “That’s no fun!”

Trust graphic
How do you know who you can trust? You can’t… but others who’ve had experience with this person can tell you who is a trustworthy Louisville Realtor

And, you’re right!

A fully completed Feedback Form by Tre Pryor Louisville Realtor
Purposefully reduced in size so as to not be readable, I did want to share this with you to see how much wonderful feedback this particular client shared with me. Wonderful!

Filling out a feedback form isn’t fun but it’s helpful to both of us. (Mostly me but being asked to share your feelings and thoughts is empowering for you as well.)

But the main reason I ask for feedback from my clients once the Louisville deal is done is that I want their honest opinion of how I performed. Just like checking the stats after a Kentucky or Louisville basketball game, I want to know, “How’d I do?”

I want to improve on my deficiencies and I want to continue doing the things my client liked.


Because I want to be a trustworthy Louisville Realtor for each and every real estate client—past, present, and future. It could be you! And if you did want me to be your Louisville Realtor, I would want to be trustworthy as well.

I don’t publish all my testimonials but I do post many. I even encourage prospective clients to contact my past clients, if they so choose. It’s time well spent.

Trustworthy Realtor in Louisville

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you’ll want a trustworthy Realtor in Louisville, by all means, ask your friends and family. Do some research on the Internet. Call some prospective agents and ask them to meet you for coffee.

This extra work upfront will help you zero in on the best Realtor for you and that will make the best home-buying experience possible.