Home Design Trends for 2017

Welcome! Home design trends aren’t always easy to spot. Some hang on for years then slowly fade away.

Other trends appear out of nowhere, so hot, then exit just as quickly. Then there are those interior design principles that are permanently good—they will never go out of style because they are simply so strong.

In this article, I’ll cover three types of trends. First, we’ll look at trends that are definitely IN! Next, we’ll hit a few that are out and not likely to return for some time.

Lastly, we’ll hit a few that are currently receiving mixed receptions. Some believe these are smokin’ hot trends while others disagree. Those will ultimately be up to you because, in the end, your home design is truly up to you.

Definitely IN Design Trends

Let’s jump right in! Here are 7 home design trends that are hot in 2017.

IN Trend #1: Mix Multiple Textures

Photo of a stylish living room with multiple textures
One trick that great designers fully grasp is mixing multiple textures. Wood, metal, fabric, and stone can be combined in a myriad of ways. When done well, the result is spectacular.

IN Trend #2: Mix Multiple Periods

Photo of living room that mixes multiple time periods.

You might think of this as Trend #1b but it deserves a spot of its own. Nothing is more visibly “blah” then using everything from the exact same time period. Isn’t variety the spice of life? Look how this room uses a few modern pieces right along-side the rustic. Then there’s the ancient oriental rug under mid-century furniture and it all gets along splendidly.

IN Trend #3: Smart Home Electronics

Photo of a smartphone with lots of apps

The ubiquitous smartphone can today help its owner control nearly every aspect of their home. From the garage door to the thermostat, window blinds to entertainment systems, smart home electronics are one of the biggest home design trends.  And it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.

IN Trend #4: Chill Spaces

Photo of a top floor bedroom

With our crazy, hectic lives pulling us in a thousand different directions at once, our homes are needed to be a place of peace, now more than ever. Chill bedrooms, reading nooks, and relaxing entertainment spaces are in great demand and a big trend in today’s home design.

IN Trend #5: New Look Appliances

Photo of Samsung black stainless steel kitchen appliances
Samsung’s new black stainless steel suite—Photo via Samsung

The kitchen always receives a great deal of attention… and rightly so! Next, our IN Trend #5 is new look appliances, including matte finishes and black stainless steel. Stainless steel has been big for a while, this trend is taking it to the next level.

IN Trend #6: Kitchen Islands, Bars

Photo of a kitchen with bar seating on the island

Our kitchens are gathering places where people get together over creating and eating meals. There’s currently a trend for seating to be in the kitchen. Kitchen islands make a great deal of sense in most modern kitchen layouts but including seating on that island is now almost mandatory.

IN Trend #7: Pendant Lights

Photo of a open concept space with pendant lights

Pendant lights are bigger than ever. Now with more options, not just in the style of the light itself but also in specialty bulbs, make this trend fun and relatively inexpensive.

Definitely OUT Design Trends

Now, we’re going to do a 180. These are trends that will not be well received today. Some are obvious but some might make you think twice.

OUT Trend #1: Cheap Furniture

Photo of a cheap sofa

Mixing wicker with fabric, glass, and metal is a great design move but make sure you use quality pieces. This cheap furniture is certainly not and it shows. If budget is a concern, use fewer but higher-quality pieces for your space.

OUT Trend #2: Theme Rooms

Photo of a themed bedroom

Don’t be fooled. Just because you’ve seen someone do it on HGTV or the DIY channel, doesn’t mean it’s always good interior design. While this might appeal to certain young girls, themed rooms are on their way out. They are also very taste-specific, so selling a home with a bedroom like this might be next to impossible.

OUT Trend #3: Tuscan Kitchen

Photo of a Tuscan kitchen

Unless you live in Italy, you’re just mimicking a Tuscan design. These kitchens used to be in great demand but no longer. Here’s a trend that has run its course.

OUT Trend #4: Faux Finished Walls

Photo of a faux wall finish

This dead trend might fit well with the last. There are a large number of faux finish options but none of them are trending with interior designers right now.

OUT Trend #5: Copper Finishes

Photo of a matte brass faucet

I could have told you this one would be short. Some bored interior designers may still be pushing matte brass or brushed copper but in the end, it’s simply too close to brass. Now, if you hear that brass is making a comeback? Check your sources.

OUT Trend #6: Wallpaper Borders

Photo of wallpaper border

Actually, it’s been many years since wallpaper borders were in. Just wanted to include it here to make sure you don’t do this. OK? Promise me you’ll never do this. Promise? Cool, thanks.

Definitely WHO KNOWS Design Trends

Here are three “Who Knows” design trends. Some designers are loving them, while others abstain. I’ll let you be the judge.

Trending Which Way #1: Velvet

Photo by Brett Jordan

You really need to be brave to go this route. Sure, the feel is pure luxury but it’s not for everyone. I guess that’s why God gave us different tastes, right?

Trending Which Way #2: Dark Paint

Photo of a living room with the walls painted black

I hear some outlets bragging about the benefits of using dark paint as a contrast for elements they want to highlight. I say great! But be warned: every space with dark walls will feel smaller. Most of us aren’t willing to make that trade.

Trending Which Way #3: Trend: Marble

Photo of a bathroom with lots of marble

Some say, “Marble is huge right now!” Others come back with, “It’s on its way out.” I say, there’s likely a middle ground. Marble makes a powerful statement so you need to use it in the right spots and also in the right amounts. In the photo above, it’s fairly clear they overused it… just a tad.

Hope you enjoyed these home design trends for 2017! If you would, please share this post with your friends!