Home Organization with Closets by Design

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Amelia Presler of Closets by Design to learn more about their products and how they might fit into today’s Louisville home improvement environment.

Closets by Design in Westport Village
Closets by Design is one of many home-focused businesses that are based in the newly, redesigned Westport Village. | Photo: Tre Pryor

Question: Hi Amelia! Thanks for chatting with me today. To begin, tell me a little about your company.
Answer: Well, Closets by Design offers national backing but our franchise is locally owned and our manufacturing facility is here so that we can offer the local support you need.

Question: If I have a real estate client who lives out in Shelbyville, can you help her?
Answer: We basically service Louisville, Southern Indiana, and anywhere within an hour’s drive, so “Yes!” Also, we cover an hour around Lexington, as well.

Question: What are the range of services? I mean, besides closets what else can your company do for homeowners?
Answer: Closets only account for 50% of all of our projects. We also provide organization solutions to pantries, garages, home offices, craft rooms, mud rooms, basements, laundry rooms, and basically any space that needs to be better organized. We even have a great new product for garage floors made out of a rubber and plastic compound.

Photo of a sample closet design
Here’s a sample of what Closets by Design could create for you. | Photo: Tre Pryor

Question: Tell me a little about the products themselves.
Answer: One of the big differences between our products and our competitors is that our storage solutions go all the way to the floor, which helps with their weight and makes them more secure. We believe we have superior products at very competitive pricing

Question: What about accessories? It can’t be just shelves and rods, right?
Answer: Just browsing through this catalog we can see accessories like, ironing boards, belt and tie racks, clothes hampers, cabinets with different kinds of glass doors, shoe shelves, jewelry trays, crown moldings, granite counters, and, of course, drawers and clothes rods.

Question: What kind of warranty do your systems come with?
Answer: Our closets have a lifetime warranty. This isn’t common in our industry and what sets us apart from the competition. Also, installation is free as well.

Question: So how do clients get started?
Answer: We offer free consultations so that our clients get the best design for their needs at a price that fits their budget.

Question: Sounds great. Thanks for your time, Amelia!
Answer: You’re welcome… thanks for the interview!