Treat Your Garden This Summer With Water Features

When people think of water features, what comes to mind instantly is, do we have room? Do we have to have a pond first for the water to flow into?

Photo of Louisville skyline
You may not want a fountain THIS large but you never know. | Image Credits

A lot of people think big when they think of water features and automatically presume they must have acres of field, this is not true. Water features come in all shapes and sizes, many of which you can buy at your average plant pot size, and as for having a pond, yes it does look better with a pod, must you have one? No.

Photo of Water Pot water feature
Image taken by Colorado Pond Pros

Louisville Waterfalls fountain which was dedicated in August 1988 right after the death of the creator/inventor was operational up till 1998 but the costs involved were just too high to maintain it, though in its heyday was used for Thanksgiving and even remembrance day, thrusting its 400+ foot jet of water into the air which was lit by many different variations of colored lights.

Of course, I am not saying go out and buy one of these for the garden as I am sure it would take a lake or river with an endless bank account to maintain one of these.

The Plant Pot Water Features

This feature I have seen in so many gardens in the summer, it is pretty simple and very easy to construct and is easily usable in just about any garden. The bottom of the pot has a small pump that takes the water from the water tray and pumps it back up to the top so it can trickle back down again, here is one I found online.

The simplicity of the plant pot water feature means that it can be put anywhere, so long as there is a power supply nearby for the pump. Quite a few people tend to put these on rockeries and garden feature beds. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so getting one for your garden is easy, though you will have many choices!

Pond Waterfall

Waterfalls are great water features

Yet another great choice, especially for those that already have a pond. Having this type of feature has many benefits, such as using the feature waterfall to clean the pond and filter it for the fish you keep. Not only this but the waterfall can actually oxygenate the water and help keep fish healthy.

Aside from keeping the fish healthy the waterfall also creates a tranquil sound throughout the garden which creates that relaxing feeling, they are also an eyecatcher, I could personally sit and watch these for hours!

Colored Water

Photo of Colors Water Feature

How about creating a little water show with colored lighting like this:

If you are wanting to catch people’s attention on those summer night garden parties, this is the way to do it. These types of water jets can also be fitted into ponds, they make an amazing display.